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Building Community

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healing wisdom
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Offering Live Classes

or Learning from Home

South Florida Branch launches

Classes offered October 2014 through May 2015 in Broward and Dade counties.
Click here for a full schedule of South Florida branch classes and locations.

Learn Herbs from Home

Our Roots of Herbalism Home Study course offers hands-on education for visual and tactile learners, with a full-length DVD, book, and plant medicines for a truly sensory experience.

Growing Herbal Community

Meet with fellow herbalists and enjoy over forty classes, inspiring music, resourceful vendors and delicious food.  Join us for the 2015 Florida Herbal Conference.

Upcoming Events


Roots of Herbalism Home Study Course

The Roots of Herbalism home study course explores the philosophies of ecological Herbalism, the practices of herbal nutrition, and the foundations of holistic health.  Students learn to make their own herbal preparations, including tisanes and tinctures, to apply the knowledge they learn about the plants through a DVD, book and herb materials.


Thai Massage Level One

Thai Massage is an ancestral healing tradition developed over 2,500 years ago by Dr. Jivaka Kumar, primary physician to the Buddha. The practice of Thai massage manifests itself as a fluid dance that synthesizes the wisdom and techniques from various elements such as yoga, Ayurveda, meditation and certain martial arts. Often called Thai yoga massage, this type of bodywork is akin to receiving a passive session of yoga, thus revitalizing and nurturing the trinity of mind-body-spirit. A full session of massage balances the doshas and brings on a meditative state for both the receiver and the recipient. This workshop is ideal for massage therapists, yoga practitioners, therapists of different backgrounds, psychologists and any other person seeking to deepen their own understanding and knowledge of ancestral healing techniques.

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Purple Hatter’s Ball, Live Oak Florida, Mother’s Day 2015
Full Moon Drum Circle May 3 2015
Community Herbalist 2014-2015 Graduation
Skincare Products – Workshop 2 – Lip Balms & Salves
Roots of Herbalism – January 31- February 1st, 2015
“The Dirt on Getting Clean” – Workshop 1- Bodywashes
Reading the Body with Margi Flint, November 15-16 2014
Winter Solstice Observance 2012
Community Herbalist Class of 2011-2012