• Materia Medica: Camphor

    Learn more about the ubiquitous Central Florida invasive tree, Camphor, in this week’s Materia Medica video. How do YOU use Camphor? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Warming Nourishment for Winter

    While many of us in Florida experience winter a bit differently than our neighbors to the north – it is, ahem, eighty degrees in January as I type this – our bodies still experience the seasonal slow downs that the shifts in light and dark invite. Even in a mild winter, it’s ideal to give our bodies a break from the extra energy it takes to digest raw foods, and to warm our body, mind, and spirit with nourishing foods. Unfortunately, the trend these days is to “detox” after a long holiday, and oftentimes those “plans” and “programs” promote raw, uncooked foods – that is, foods that are cooling to…