Materia Medica: Goldenrod

Goldenrod is beginning to bloom in parts of Central Florida. Watch this week’s video to learn more about this local plant ally.

How do YOU use Goldenrod? Share with us in the comments below!


  • Renee'

    I love….love…love Goldenrod. I use it many ways. Yes it is great for upper respiratory infections. Goldenrod tincture can be used in a nubulizer as a breathing treatment.

    It will stop a urinary infection or a kidney infection dead in it’s track. I detox my kidneys with Goldenrod tea every season.

    The Native American used to to heal their wounds when they came back from battle. I make a healing salve out of it and keep it on the counter anytime I get cut, bug bites etc. I have even treated a spider bite with it.

    The main use is for joint pain and arthritis. I make an oil. It is also amazing for gout. First you want to detox kidneys then take it as tincture and also do a foot soak.

    Once I had got a horrible toe infection from a nail shop and make a foot soak with Goldenrod and olive oil and it pull it out in one soaking.

    Long live the Goldenrod!!!

    Rainbow Water Healing Woman

  • Kim

    I have used it personally mixed with eye wash for eye irritation and infection from swim training in a local lake; also for ear pain from swimmers ear I use a few drops of the tincture straight in to the ear canal, then swab with a cotton ball or Q-tip to soak up excess tincture to avoid staining clothing.

  • Faustine Judd

    Thank you for sharing all of the healing information. You are so awesome. There are so many healing plants available for us to use here in Florida, native and otherwise. Why, right in the front yard [if one does not use poisons to kill the ‘weeds’] you can find in the mixture of plant species some of the most versatile plants, leaf and root.

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