Materia Medica: Florida Betony

Florida betony (Stachys floridana also known as Rattlesnake Weed) is a special plant to me. I remember my grandmother pickled the tubers when I was a little girl. I would munch and munch on them not fully knowing even what they were. About 20 years later in Family class with Emily, she discusses Florida Betony and passes it around for us. For lunch that day, one of the students shared her picked betony tubers with me and I was flooded with memory. THIS is what my grandmother gave me all those moons ago. 

I hope you become cozy with this plant and feel the abundance Florida carries for us through her plants. 

Appearance: Florida Betony is square-stemmed, erect, hairy; tubers are segmented and resemble a rattlesnake’s rattle, usually little finger long.
Plant Uses: Roots raw or cooked, crispy in salads, great in stir fries. Leaves and shoots of the plant can also be eaten raw or cooked. 

Preparations: Pickled! Tea or tincture. Eat raw in salads or sauté with butter. Mmm..
Gardening Tips: Fl. Betony thrives best in well drained, sandy soils. They are not water intensive. They often will pop up in lawns along the edges. Be careful of harvesting where chemicals might be sprayed!

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Green Blessings!