An interview with Daniel Koenigkann owner and brewer of Living Vitalitea Kombucha and our new Moon Circle Sponsor

Published on May 17, 2019 under News
An interview with Daniel Koenigkann owner and brewer of Living Vitalitea Kombucha and our new Moon Circle Sponsor

Daniel, how long have you been coming to moon circle?
Since September 2012

What do you appreciate about the moon/drum circle experience? 
The Orlando moon/drum circles are near and dear to my heart since I first arrived in Orlando in 2012.  I felt immediately embraced by the community and loved to see the diversity and open-mindedness that the Orlando Moon Circles attracted.  The moon circles are where I first engaged with the community and made friendships that are still with me today.  It is the place where I first shared my love and passion for Kombucha with all the folks that communed under the Bodhi tree after each drum circle.  When I decided to start my business, I felt encouraged and supported by the same community to continue to grow and share my passion.

Daniel, what inspired you to become a sponsor?
The Orlando Moon Circle was both my testing ground and platform where I first shared my passion for Kombucha.  Because of the love and support I received from the community, I felt encouraged to pursue my dream of starting my own business.  I have been involved in the community for almost 7 years, attending as many moon circles as possible, and I have seen and experienced the ups and downs of the circle.  When the opportunity was presented this year, I felt sponsorship was a beautiful way to give back to the community that embraced from the early days of my journey.

How do you infuse your herbal knowledge/love into your special kombucha brews?
I learned a lot from engaging with my plant people in the community and the moon circles.  This is where I first heard of herbs and plants such as Tulsi, Yaupon, Elderberry, Bidens, Damiana, Mulberry, and decided to experiment with them in my seasonal brews.  I developed a special love and appreciation for these herbs and have worked with them on a regular basis for my regionally specific brews.  Bidens and Yaupon, both harvested hyper-locally, are very special to me.

Where are some of the locations around town that LivingVitalitea kombucha can be found? 
Our customers/partners are near and dear to our core and we share similar values in business and community involvement.  These places include Dandelion Cafe, The Sanctum, Proper & Wild, Raw Juicing, New Moon Market, Black Bean Deli, Chamberlins, The Wild Hare and many others.

Of those locations do they have refill stations for Love Jugs?   
Yes!  Our full list of Love Jug refill locations can be found at

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