• Florida’s Radish: Betony

    Each spring, I eagerly anticipate the perfect formula of patience and warmth to produce a succulent, slightly sweet tuber beneath my garden beds. That’s right – the time is coming to harvest the bountiful Florida Betony, aka Florida Radish, Wild Artichoke, or Rattlesnake Weed. I first learned of Betony from my dear teacher Peggy Lantz, and the moment I first tasted them in a wild salad in her garden, I was hooked.  As a child, I had grown up digging these prolific and oft-labeled “pesky weeds” out of the garden with my grandfather, marveling at the grub-like shape of their tubers.  If only Gramps knew how delicious these delicacies were,…

  • A Fiery Conversation

    On Saturday January 25, I taught my Roots of Herbalism students the health virtues of cayenne, garlic, and ginger as part of the Materia Medica section for their weekend class. My long-time favorite combination of this “holy trinity” of healing herbs is Fire Cider, a delicious remedy steeped in apple cider vinegar with variations of other warming, spicy allies like turmeric, horseradish, or onion.  It moves energy into and pathogens out of the body, boasting reliable results in preventing illness and shortening the duration of infection and congestion.  This preparation of these strong-personality herbs is ideal, because they can often be aggressively strong to taste raw when I’m feeling down…

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