[ORLANDO] Functional Medicine for The Modern Healer

Published on December 9, 2019
[ORLANDO] Functional Medicine for The Modern Healer


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Healing in today’s world requires up to date knowledge and tools. This workshop will help herbalists and holistic healers to:

  • Recognize hidden epidemics and common environmental stressors, as the root cause for many chronic illness (without removing stressors like mercury from amalgam, no amount of herb or acupuncture will restore health);
  • Order your own lab tests, including when to do genetic testing and what’s the deal with methylation/MTHFR;
  • Demystify digestive disorders such as Leaky Guts/SIBO/Candida/Parasite (without addressing the things like biofilm, no amount of probiotics will stick);
  • Educate ourselves of common medications, Herb-drug interaction. Hands on demo of cheap home devices for clinician, such as Glucose monitor.
  • Achieve next level of healing and a thriving mentality, using cutting edge tools from Anti aging research, Athlete performance researches, and Biohacking movement
  • Learn how to integrate these ancient teachings into our modern day world

Held: December 6, 6-9pm

Tuition: Early Bird Rate 40, good through November 29; Regular Tuition is 55

Instructor: Cheng Liu
Cheng is an acupuncturist based in Florida and Central KY. She loves to integrate healing art with science, and share knowledge from her clinical experience, from thousands of hours studying cellular biochemistry, Functional medicine, and most importantly, from healing herself out of 4 years digestive and autoimmune illness. Cheng has three degrees in science and engineering, but she found true happiness in foraging, basket weaving, and empowering people with knowledge and love.

Event Details

Start date: December 14, 2019

End date: December 14, 2019

Start time: 10:00 a.m.

End time: 01:00 p.m.

Venue: Florida School of Holistic Living