Roots of Herbalism Home Study Course

Published on April 25, 2020
Roots of Herbalism Home Study Course


The Roots of Herbalism home study course explores the philosophies of ecological Herbalism, the practices of herbal nutrition, and the foundations of holistic health.  Students learn to make their own herbal preparations, including tisanes and tinctures, to apply the knowledge they learn about the plants through a DVD, book and herb materials. Students explore over twenty herbs and their uses, and receive a full packet of materials including sample herbs to have everything needed to learn about herbs hands-on from home.

Our NEW AND IMPROVED Home Study Course Package includes

– Instructional DVD

– Course Book

– Rosemary Gladstar’s Herbal Recipes for Vibrant Health

– Twenty herbs to practice in your own kitchen

– Five-part Basics of Herbal Medicine Making series

– Three month subscription to Roots Roundtable

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Through this course, you will:

~ Discover your relationship to plants and the environment, and its impact on your personal health

~ Explore the theory, philosophy, and history of ecological herbalism and ethnobotany

~ Understand the role of the nervous system and emotional, mental, and spiritual health in our physical well-being

~ Learn techniques to integrate herbal wellness into a daily lifestyle practice

~ Discuss important foundational nutritional principles to nourish your body’s own healing capacity

~ Learn the botanical classification, parts used, and prominent medicinal uses of over 20 herbs from Native American and Western Materia Medica, to begin building your knowledge of herbs

~ Explore how to make your own herbal preparations to apply your herbal knowledge through practical application, including tisanes, tinctures, infused oils, and topical applications

~ Learn how to integrate these ancient teachings into our modern day world

Roots of Herbalism is intended as a comprehensive introduction to the art of herbal healing for those who wish to help themselves and their families achieve radiant well-being through natural health.

It is a practical course well-suited for laypeople and health professionals alike.  Both those with no herbal experience, and those with years of self-study and practice, will gain insight from this program.

The course seeks to marry ancient traditions with the scientific context of our modern world. Our goal is to reclaim our herbal heritage and empower students to apply these teachings for optimum well-being in balance with today’s society. We focus our study on plants which are common in the Native North American and Western European traditions, which grow commonly in the wild or can be easily cultivated.

This correspondence course includes a two-part full-length DVD, course booklet, herbal samples, course textbook, Rosemary Gladstar’s Herbal Recipes for Vibrant Health, and assignment feedback.  Tuition is $260, and a two-part payment plan is available (digital materials including Basics of Herbal Medicine Making and access to Roots Roundtable are sent with your initial payment, and your physical course materials are mailed upon receipt of your second payment one month later).

This course offers 12 Continuing Education Units for Acupuncturists, Massage Therapists, Dietitians, Nutritionists, Nurses and Midwives for licensed practitioners through the State of Florida for an additional $15 processing fee.*

*Please note, an assessment is located at the end of our course booklet. To receive Continuing Education Credits, this assessment must be completed and turned in via email or mail.



Turn in completed homework from this course to be eligible to receive a certificate of completion and continue on to our Family Herbalist and Community Herbalist programs.

With successful completion, 12 CEUs are offered for Florida-licensed NURSES, MIDWIVES, ACUPUNCTURISTS, MASSAGE THERAPISTS, and DIETITIANS

PLUS: Enjoy our Basics of Herbal Medicine Making 5-part video series

  • Tea Blending and Formulation
  • Vinegars and Oxymels
  • Syrups
  • Tinctures
  • Steams and Chest Packs

Making herbal medicines in our home kitchen is empowering, economical, and just plain fun. Learn hands-on how to create many of the most widely used herbal medicines. Recipes and handouts will be provided to compliment the webinars. The Basics of Herbal Medicine Making Series is a new online video series and is a perfect companion to the Roots of Herbalism Home Study course, giving you the opportunity to roll up your sleeves and make herbal medicines under the expert guidance of Emily, Shannon and Maggie.

This series is offered on its own for $50 tuition, and included for free as part of our introductory Roots of Herbalism Home Study package

Materia Medica classes provide an excellent opportunity to develop relationships with plant allies, one plant at a time. With vital information on each herbal ally, including plant identification, growth, habitat, uses, and a recipe or herbal preparation, this series is a wealth of resources and is constantly growing with a new video each week.

Receive our entire library of Materia Medica classes and articles with your Roots of Herbalism Home Study Enrollment

Roots Roundtable includes a live monthly class that builds on the curriculum of Roots of Herbalism and provides an opportunity to build among fellow students, along with resources to strengthen your herbalism study and support your growth as you build your practice.

One three-month seasonal subscription of Roots Roundtable is included in the Roots of Herbalism Home Study package

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