Community Herbalist Graduate Check-In

The Florida School of Holistic Living is so grateful to know the seeds that are blossoming out in the world through your work, and want to connect with each of our graduates. In this time of increasing isolation, we know connection is so important. Our entire staff is here to support and uplift the work you are doing on behalf of the plants and in service to the community. We want to know what is growing in your heart and in your life, and how we can lend our support and encouragement to your adventures and endeavors.

We are updating our Graduate page and want to include current links to the magic you are making in the world. We are creating more and more free educational content for the community to support their growth and learning, and we want to invite you to share your work through these avenues too.

Please see the survey below to help us update your profile on our graduate page and explore more ways we can collaborate with you and support you in the coming seasons.