Herbal Consultations

Our Community Herbalist Consultations provides an open, safe space for exploring greater health in personal consultation with holistic herbalists. Whether you are seeking personalized guidance on how to achieve greater energy, focus, better sleep, and a happier quality of life, or insight into particular health needs, this clinic is for you.

Our practitioners offers individuals personalized education in self-care with herbs. We are a collaborative teaching practice, meaning that clients may meet with one or more herbalists-in-training shadowing under professional herbalists, and benefit from their collective experience and care. Consultations are offered on a sliding scale, and references to additional community resources are provided.

Initial consultations will include a thorough review of your personal health history and current lifestyle, to really get to know YOU and your body.

You will receive a holistic health assessment to address the root of your imbalances, rather than just the symptoms, in order to assist your body returning to balance and vitality. Upon receiving your assessment herbalists will recommend a personalized herbal formula and wellness plan that may include a number of herbal remedies, plant extracts, and other alternative modalities. You will take home from the first visit guidance for integrating nourishment, herbal, and lifestyle techniques to help you overcome health imbalances. We do not dispense herbs but will provide referrals and resources for quality and affordable access to suggested remedies.

Follow-up appointments are encouraged to provide you continuing support in your ongoing journey towards optimum health. These are scheduled at mutually determined intervals.

When is an herbal consultation right for you?
Anyone with a desire to:
• Sleep better
• Decrease stress and anxiety
• Lose weight
• Shift away from negative side effects of modern treatments
• Promote healthier skin, hair, and nails

Professional herbalists and herbalists-in-training to provide you with a unique, dynamic experience. Our professional herbalists have combined decades of experience, and references are available upon request. Because we are not medical doctors, we do not treat, cure, diagnose, or provide therapy, or prescribe under law. We do educate you in the historic and modern uses of herbs and provide you with support and guidance through these personalized consultations. We are not medical doctors, and do not treat, prescribe, diagnose, or cure illness.  We offer common sense education on historical uses of herbs, and trust you will take information we provide and use your own research and responsibility to make choices for your personal health.

Please note:
Each initial appointment last 60-90 minutes. One client is scheduled per each session; we cannot combine visits for multiple clients into one appointment slot.

We are currently receiving appointment requests and sharing them with a small referral network of our graduates who conduct individual client consultations in Central Florida. Contact our office at this link to receive a list of referral herbalists.

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