Since 2006, we have hosted Orlando Moon Circles, family-friendly gatherings held every New Moon and Full Moon that feature collaborative participatory activities such as drumming, dance, chanting, singing, art, yoga and meditation. Hosted at the Bodhi Garden, next to Dandelion Cafe, alongside a unique collection of local artists, artisans and healers, we provide a space for our community to connect with the planetary cycles that affect us even in urban environments -such as seasonal cycles and lunar cycles- as well as to connect with each other, and to the peace found within our inner selves.


5:45-6:45 pm – Yoga in the Bodhi Garden with Ignite Yoga and Wellness Institute

Suggested donation $10

7-10 pm – Drumming around the fire, plus Artist Marketplace and Healers in the Garden

Suggested donation $3

Beverages and food at Dandelion Cafe until 10 pm

Living in harmony with the natural cycles that guide us, we can develop a more meaningful relationship to the planet and those around us. Playing music together puts us in touch with the creative force that directly connects with our humanity. Each of us carries our rhythm every day, even if we’ve never drummed before – the rhythm in our heart beat, our breath, and our stride as we walk. When we take that rhythm and express it as a thread in the woven fabric of a drum circle, we can hear how our unique expression blends with the expression of others to create the dynamic and rich tapestry that is community.

In service and gratitude, we offer these gatherings to help our community reach its highest potential through rhythm, with an intention to serve, to inspire and to reach beyond what separates us. All traditions and faiths gather at these circles to honor the gifts of our shared community, planet, and universe through art, music, rhythm, and fellowship. Come sit in the garden and enjoy a moment to heal and commune each New and Full Moon. 

Moon Circles are intergenerational, family-friendly events.

The rhythm is fueled by YOUR support

Moon Circles are intergenerational and family-friendly events.

Children must be supervised at all times.  

Due to loud noises and large crowds, to ensure safety for all ages, we are not able to accommodate dogs on the property at this event. If you have a service dog, they must have official credentials on them at all times.

Please remember – we are in a garden full of healing plants, please honor them by respect garden borders and only walk on designated pathways.

No outside alcohol or smoking is permitted.

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Moon Circles on 90.7 FM!

“Spotlight”, a feature program on WMFE 90.7 FM visited our Moon Circle. Listen to their interview to learn more about the diverse community that gathers around the fire, the scientifically proven healing benefits of drumming with others, and the fun and inspiring experience you can share with us under the Bodhi Tree!

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