Emotional First Aid

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Welcome to Emotional First Aid!

In this five-part video-workshop series we’ve compiled some of our most-utilized tools and practices to share with you a practical, simple method for easing the stress, anxiety, depression, and overwhelm of daily life. Recipes and handouts are provided to complement the webinars.

This series was originally filmed in the Summer of 2020 in response to the grief, trauma, and collective stress of the Covid-19 pandemic. We believe these tools and herbs are applicable to stresses triggered by a wide variety of personal and collective events, and we hope these resources will support your journey towards finding peace and calm.

Part One: Understand your Nervous System and Herbs with Emily Ruff

Part Two: Simple Tools for Calming with Shannon Alycia

Part Three: Aromatherapy in the Kitchen with Maggie O’Halloran

Part Four: Kitchen Medicine for Relaxing and Restoring with Maggie O’Halloran

Part Five: Creating a Daily Rhythm for Emotional Wellness with Emily Ruff

PLUS a unique Materia Medica covering an individual plant ally with each section

You are welcome to review these lessons in any order you wish. We encourage you to watch the lesson, then gather materials, and keep these videos handy as you prepare your first herbal blends for review.

We hope this course helps you engage in the powerful world of medicinal plants and demystifies making herbal preparations in your kitchen from ingredients in your garden and spice cabinet. We’d love to hear from you with reflections of your recipes, formulas, and herbal creations!

To download files, click the file in the lesson and download from the new window. 

Welcome to the course! Please contact us if you have any questions.