Moon Medicine: June 2021-June 2022

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* DEAR FRIENDS: Moon Medicine Course Portal is undergoing an update to re-release the lesson for Friday July 23’s Full Moon in Aquarius. We are aware of access errors and will update the mailing list when they have been resolved. Thank you for your patience!

Latest Update: 4 pm Friday –
Hi Friends! Slowly but surely, our web wizards are getting our lesson back up and running. There was a system wide hack into the server and host we use, and thankfully the company has good firewalls to prevent devastating attacks, and keeps good back ups, but it took them a few days to iron things out. The workbook and some of the supplemental lessons, including Wilnise’s lesson on Aquarius, are now live. The remaining supplemental lesson and the planner pages should be live within the hour. Thank you for your patience and grace, and we hope you have a wonderful Full Moon, Lunar Lammas, and Guru Purnima!

Thank you for joining us for this year long study!

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