Dowsing the Cosmic Web: Plant & Human Interconnectedness by Ellen Kamhi

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Ellen Kamhi, PhD, RN, AHG, AHN-BC

My introduction to the concept of dowsing started early in life. By the age of seven, I was investigating various techniques that could be used to interact with the energy fields that I literally saw surrounding everything, and I was able to clearly hear communications from animals, and also from plants. I describe some of these early experiences in my book, Synchronous Connections, a Personal Journey in Non Ordinary Reality.

Although what might be referred to as a clairvoyant tendency has continued and grown throughout life, I also was always deeply interested in science, and asked for microscopes rather than dolls as a young girl.

In addition to conventional education, I also travelled the world seeking instruction from elders who had information about how we can interact and communicate with unseen influences. This includes indigenous shamanic healers, as I discuss in my book, The Natural Medicine Chest. I studied dowsing and radionics with many masters including Dr. Hazell Parcells, and Keith Mason, among many others. Radionics includes the use of dowsing to ‘read’ imbalances, and then uses this information to measure and influence energy fields. It often involves the use of Radionic Instruments. There is a wide variety of instruments available, and if this interests you it is a worth a more in depth investigation.

I am also active in the United States Psychotronic Association. Psychotronics is an interdisciplinary science concerned with the interactions of matter, energy, and consciousness. Learn more at   I regularly attend and present at their yearly conference.

As the years have progressed, we can all see that the line drawn between what might be called ‘metaphysical’ and ‘physical’ is constantly evolving. Those things considered within the realm of metaphysics, continue to be able to be explained within the laws of physics, and/or higher levels of quantum physics.

Plant-human communication is certainly one of those areas. The famous work done by scientist Cleve Backster, the inventor of the polygraph machine, described in the book and movie, The Secret Life of Plants, is a groundbreaking investigation into actually ‘measuring’ and ‘proving’ that plants react to human activities, and even to human thoughts! We are now moving into research where the actual mechanism of this interaction is beginning to be elucidated. The following article is one of many that is beginning to investigate exactly how plants can communicate with other sentient species, including humans! (Sun, J. & Daniel R. & Wagner-Dobler, I. & Zeng AP. (2004) “Is autoinducer-2 a universal signal for interspecies communication: a comparative genomic and phylogenetic analysis of the synthesis and signal transduction pathways.” Bio Med Central Evolutionary Biology 4: 36. 2004 Sep 29. doi:  10.1186/1471-2148-4-36

Dowsing is such a powerful tool exactly because it is accessible to anyone, without the advanced technology that can also be useful, but is not readily available to all. Dowsing can act as a bridge to activating and tuning into the universal signal patterns and transduction that we are just beginning to be able to measure through science.

Throughout Human History, we have interacted with plants, which provide us with beauty, sustenance and medicine. We can open to the possibilities of interspecies communication between ourselves and our plant friends and medicine allies. When we seek a specific plant medicine, we can use evidence based scientific studies proving safety and efficacy of ancient traditional medicines. We can also employ the art of dowsing. The ancient art of dowsing has been a time honored system used by healers around the world as a sacred tool to measure and tune into vibrational fields that surround all plants, animals, humans and imponderable essences. There are many kinds of dowsing tools, including pendulums, dowsing ‘rods’ and advanced electronic field readers. Systems that do not employ any external tools, but simply use the body ‘stickplate’ of your own finger nail, or tuning into rhythmic swaying can also be learned and perfected. As an Herbalist, I teach that Dowsing can be utilized by herbalists and natural health enthusiasts to prepare exact herbal formulas for each individual, evaluate correct dosing, methods of delivery, and prioritization of specific natural therapeutic interventions.

I really enjoyed participating and learning from so many interesting teachers and participants at the 2016 Dowsers Conference , and was thrilled to be able to share information with others.

I led a Medicinal Wild Plant Herb Medicine Identification Walk , held at the Lincoln Bath House in Saratoga Springs, NY, and also visited the Roosevelt Spa to soak in the healing waters myself! What a treat.!

I also presented a lecture entitled, Dowsing the Cosmic Web: Plant and Human Interconnectedness. We investigated the scientific research linked to the phenomena of the consciousness of plants, and explored the pulsating life force and being-ness of everything around us- including animals, plants, stones, earth, sky, water and more. Whether you connect through spirit or through science, the result is the same- you and all are part of a whole. Ancient experiential communication techniques have been used by the ancestors and modern sensitivities alike. We can hear, smell, feel and communicate with our brother, sister and androgynous selves and mirror image beings . Dowsing tools can assist in enhancing your sensitivity to the outcry of energetic voices seeking to communicate with you in a mutually beneficial reciprocal exchange, and can hone your skills as an herbalist to increase effective outcomes of people using herbs for health, wellness and happiness!

Ellen 2014 Ellen Kamhi, PhD, RN, AHG, AHN-BC, The Natural Nurse® has been involved in Natural Medicine since 1973. Dr. Kamhi is a Medical School Instructor, teaching Botanical Pharmacology, offers online and onground Herbal Certification Programs, and leads to indigenous areas of the world. She is a professional member of the American Herbalist Guild (AHG), and is an adept at radionics and dowsing. Author of many books including The Natural Medicine Chest and Arthritis, The Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide, and radio host, Dr. Kamhi educates professionals and consumers about how to care for themselves Naturally!


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