• July 22, 2017
    10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Learn how beneficial bitters can be and how easy taking bitter herbs are on a daily basis!  The bitter taste has completely disappeared from the western diet, and it’s time to reintroduce, or in some cases totally introduce the bitter flavor into your lives.

Learn how bitters are incredible for digestive and metabolic health, and how they can be beneficial to eliminate cravings for things like sweets and carbohydrates. We will discuss and taste a number of bitter herbs from all over the world, and their application in traditional medicine.

  • Why do we want to consume bitters?
  • What is our ancestral heritage with bitter plants?
  • What are the benefits of bitters?
  • How can we easily bring medicinal bitters into our lives?

In class, all of these questions will be answered with a live demo on how to make herbal bitters.  Samples provided and students will get to take home a sample tincture of an herbal bitters formula!

This class will be held on Saturday, July 22nd from 10 am – noon.
Tuition is $25.
Receive $5 off your tuition when you register by July 11th!

Please review this link for our school’s tuition and cancellation policies.

Instructor: Ari O’Hara

Ari O’Hara was raised among the beautiful Pine trees of Tallahassee, Florida. She graduated from FSU with a degree in Art History, but where her heart truly lies is in peace with Mother Nature and all her plant allies. After high school, she wanted to forgo college and instead begin down her herbal path, hoping to travel to North Carolina and work with Juliet Blankespoore at the Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine. It was not until the beginning of 2013, however, that the world of herbalism opened up to Ari. After becoming incredibly ill, and healing herself of her ailments with the aid of locally foraged plants and fungi, she knew that in order to be truly healthy, happy and whole, she needed to finally take the Green Path to becoming an herbalist. Ari began making her own healing tinctures, salves and herbal infusions through self-study, and began her own small business called Valley Green Herbs, which she still runs today. In 2015, Ari went to her first Florida Herbal Conference, an event that changed her life in so many amazing ways. She got to meet, work with and learn from countless inspiring herbalists, among them was the ever inspiring and radiant Emily Ruff, Bob Linde, Joanna Helms, keynote speaker and noted herbalist Steven Foster, and the lovely Juliet Blankespoore herself. Being immersed in the world she loved fueled Ari’s passion for healing and her life has never been the same. Since then she has continued learning and expanding her lovingly made herbal products, received a certificate in Traditional Mexican Medicine (Curanderismo) with Eliseo “Cheo” Torres from the University of New Mexico, has travelled to the 2016 Florida Herbal Conference to meet Paul Stamets and continue her education, and now teaches classes on herbalism and healing to those who want to learn form the comfort of her own home in Havana, Florida.
Ari is currently working on a certificate through the Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine to complete a six-month, in depth course on Medicine Making. Ari’s goals for the future are to become a certified clinical herbalist in order to help heal those in need and to continue teaching about the incredible power of plant medicine. Ari is also proud to be working with Emily Ruff and Phoenix Fermin to open a branch of The Florida School of Holistic Living in Tallahassee. When she’s not busy reading about plants, making medicine, working in her garden or out foraging for wild edibles, Ari spends her time learning and practicing Ashtanga Yoga, as well as learning the ancient Sanskrit language, which her plants particularly love to hear her speak. She also loves crystals and stones, and loves to blend crystal essences into her herbal preparations for their added healing benefits.


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