• February 3, 2019
    5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Beginner’s level mushroom identification class and introduction to mycology (the study of mushrooms) with a focus on Florida mushrooms. This course will introduce students to concepts of field mycology and cover the uses and importance of mushrooms, descriptive terminology, basic taxonomy, methods of identification, proper collection and preservation techniques, major groups of mushrooms, common genera and species, edible and medicinal mushrooms, toxic and deadly mushrooms, reference resources, mushroom photography tips, and more. Images of mushrooms located in Central Florida will be shown. Dried and/or live specimens will be displayed and examined by the class.

Learn how to call mushrooms by their proper name and develop a greater understanding for fascinating fungi!

Tuition: $40

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Instructor: Jon Martin
jonJon Martin aka Fungi Jon is a mycology educator and photographer from Central Florida passionate about wild mushrooms. Through relatable, practical, and witty ways of instructing, he inspires others to dive into the world of mycology and explore nature intentionally. From their significant role in an ecosystem, to their beauty and potential in bioremediation & medicine, Jon is inspired by mushrooms and spends as much time as possible out in nature getting to know their many forms.
As a community mycologist, he leads educational mushroom hikes, instructs mushroom classes at various locations including the Florida School of Holistic Living, and conducts periodic fungi surveys on designated properties. He records data for local parks and mycologists, photographs local species to educate others & share with the world, and makes contributions to mycology research at the University of Florida. He is also a foray leader and trusted identifier with the Florida Academic Lichen & Fungi Enthusiasts League based out of the University of Florida.

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