• February 21, 2018
    7:00 pm - 8:30 pm


Over the years, we have been told that a variety of foods are good or bad for our heart.  Some foods are on the bad list one year and the good list another.  It gets so confusing and complicated just keeping up with all this information.  Leann will help us navigate through this nutritional conundrum and offer some easy heart healthy suggestions we can utilize when grocery shopping or dining out.

Join us every Wednesday night to learn more about experiencing radiant health with the simple gifts of your garden, easy kitchen hacks, and empowering lifestyle tools. With a rotation of topics and teachers, this workshop series is perfect for those seeking guidance towards healthier living, but the seasoned health enthusiast is also certain to take home new tips and tricks. Beginners and experts alike are welcome to come learn, share, and grow together. No prior experience is necessary! We encourage you to register in advance, as space in each week’s workshop is limited. Bring a notebook, a pen, a curious mind, and a friend!

Tuition: $20 per Wellness Wednesday workshop.

Please review this link for our school’s tuition and cancellation policies.

Instructor Leann Hill

Leann is an herbalist in Orlando, FL. She has been learning about herbs her whole life, but only formally studying since 2010. She has many varying interests including music, cooking, and history, and she tries to incorporate these into her herbal practices. She has been honored to be able to study under herbalist Emily Ruff as well as other various herbalists who teach at the Florida School of Holistic Living. She also writes weekly articles at www.BatLadyHerbals.com and relishes the chance to learn as much as possible about the wonderful world of herbs.

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