Family Herbalist Program: Now Enrolling for Fall Series

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Greetings from Sage Mountain in Central Vermont!

I’m collecting bits of wisdom and gathering inspiration as I spend a week teaching alongside my mentor, Rosemary Gladstar.  The Green Mountains are rich with spirits and stories.

A few weeks after I return home, our Fall series of the Family Herbalist Program will begin. Join us for this four-month series and empower yourself to care for the everyday health imbalances your face as a family caretaker through our comprehensive herbal curriculum.  Are you seeking to prevent illness or alleviate acute and chronic conditions? Connect more deeply with the edible and medicinal plants in your backyard? Learn how to prepare remedies for yourself and your family in your home kitchen? Then join us for the journey.

Providing students with a comprehensive and hands-on herbal education, the curriculum covers over 150 individual herbs, as well as herb cultivation, anatomy and physiology, plant chemistry and botany, nutrition, detoxification, medicinal formulation, and a wide spectrum of herbal preparations.   This dynamic tapestry of teachings weaves together ancient culture and modern science to prepare students for a practice of sustainable health within our modern times. We explore a Materia Medica of 150 herbs in western, tropical traditions with a focus on 60 local plant allies.

Our popular Roots of Herbalism class serves as the prerequisite for this program, building on a foundation of self-care to branch out towards our care of others. Our next Roots class in Orlando will be held August 29-30, and our Roots of Herbalism Home Study Course is available to help you learn anytime from the comfort of your living room.

Learn more about the Family Herbalist program format, class topics, and registration details at this link. Hope to see you this Fall!

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“Herbalism courses at FSHL strike the perfect balance between rigorous coursework, in-depth readings and discussions, and hands-on experience with the herbs. Having almost completed the Family Herbalist certification course, I feel confident in my herbal and natural health knowledge, knowing that I can better take care of myself and the people I love.” – Sarah Kate Moore, Family Herbalist Program 2007

“In Roots class, my interest was genuinely piqued about the healing abilities of herbs. Now that I have taken Family Herbalist, I can trust in these plants fully. They are now my allies and beloved friends. This class is well-balanced in its content and covers the major bodily organs – so following along is easy. It will teach you about your body, the herbs, their preparations, how to use the herbs, how to care for your friends and family, healthy living, and holistic practices. The class also got me in touch with my Self and forced me to really look at my health habits. I had to be honest and evaluate my health issues. I saw areas of my body that needed nurturing and I now have many herbal allies to assist me. I left every session feeling so inspired and eager to make my own herbal concoctions. I feel confident making medicine now and actually giving it to my loved ones. This class has changed me in more ways than I can say. It has had such a profound effect on my spirit, health, heart, and overall practice. Herbalism is a way of life, and the Family Herbal class will make you fall in love with Life and the Plants all over again.” – Michele Bumbier, Family Herbalist Program Spring 2015

“[The Family Herbalist Program] was a truly amazing week. Honestly, it was more than I could have even hoped for in terms of knowledge and soul feeding. Basically, it was a fantastic introduction to herbalism and after the week I felt that I had a solid foundation on which to further my herbal exploration. But more than that, it was amazing to be in the presence of Emily Ruff who is a future world herbal master and her entourage of wise women. Finally, it was truly soul enriching to be with kindred spirits who were exploring the world of plants and opening to their love and nurturing of Mother Earth.” – Rachel Stewart, Family Herbalist Program Intensive 2015

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