Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

Continuing Education licensing requirements vary by jurisdiction, are not well defined, and may change. We recommend you contact your licensing board or accrediting organization for the latest continuing education requirements of your state or territory.
   1. What is a CEU?

A CEU is a continuing education unit given for continuing education.  CEU’s may be given in the form of classroom time or a seminar, self-study programs, and conferences.

   2. When will CEU’s be required?

CEU’s will be required each renewal cycle according to your license type.  Please make sure that you are eligible for the CEU class offerings prior to registering for the course.  CEU’s will be honored after full completion of the course.

   3. Who can receive a CEU?

Currently, all CEU’s are for active State of Florida Boards.  If you are an out-of-state practitioner wanting to take one of our CEU class offerings please contact your state license representative to see if a State of Florida CEU transfer would be accepted prior to registering for a course.  Each class description will list whether a class is eligible for a State of Florida CEU credit and the professional license it pertains to.

We offer CEU credits for Florida Massage Therapists, Acupuncturists, Dietitians, Nutritionists, Nurses, and Midwives.  For a full listing of our classes, both on-site and on-line, please visit our CEU Offerings page.

   4. How do I sign-up for CEU’s and how much does it cost?

When registering for a class there will be an option to register for the class that will state: Admission + CEU’s.  Please select this option and provide the type of license and license number on the registration page prior to checking out.  If you encounter a problem with registering for CEU’s, please contact the school or e-mail us at

At the time of the class, we will have a sheet with your name, license, and license number to review for accuracy.  After the class has completed we will process your CEU using CE Broker – please allow up to one week for processing.

CEU processing fee: There is a $15 processing fee.  This amount is already included in the Admission + CEU option.

   5. What if I have more than one license?

If a student has more than one license a processing fee of $15/each per license will need to be applied.  As long as the course is approved for the professions listed it is approved to be used for credit towards both professions, unless it explicitly states that it is not approved for a specific profession.

During registration you will be prompted to enter in the type of profession and license number.

  6. How are CEU’s determined for your classes?

CEU’s are determined based on the amount of hours per class. Typically it is one (1) CEU for every hour, however, the State of Florida Board’s approves the amount of CEU’s allowed for each class, as well as the professions they apply to and not the Florida School of Holistic Living.

  7. How will I know if I have received my CEU’s for the class?

We process CEU’s by using CE Broker and after one week from the class you can login to your account and view the CEU’s processed from our school.  If you encounter a problem please contact our school or e-mail us at