Fermentation Fridays Return

Published on November 9, 2013 under Home
Fermentation Fridays Return

We are delighted to have Malory Foster return in 2014 with her Fermentation Fridays series!  Fermentation Fridays offers a monthly workshop on making tasty & nutritious fermented foods.

For the first season of 2014, we have scheduled the following workshops in this delicious series:

January 10 – Kraut-Chi
Become a master at the classic vegetable ferments – sauerkraut and kim chi! It’s not the canned, bland kraut you’ve seen at the store, and kim chi just might become your new favorite condiment. Kraut-chi, a term coined by Sandor Katz of Wild Fermentation, refers to a blend of these two classic ferments which share a common fermentation method; you can put your favorite veggies and spices in your own personal blend.

March 7 – Sourdough
We’ll go over the intriguing American history of this ferment, experiment with flavors and a variety of recipes to pack a new flavor punch in your homemade breads and pizza crusts. Gluten free recipes too! Feel free to bring your favorite jam, nut butter or other bread topping to taste with fresh wild sourdough.

April 4 – Tempeh
Store-bought tempeh will never taste the same again once you see how easy and delicious it is to make yourself. We’ll discuss the tempeh-making process, demonstrate it in class and taste fresh tempeh. Soy-free tempeh is easy and delicious.

May 9 – Caribbean Pop
Who needs soda when you can make delicious bubbly beverages at home that are actually good for you!?  At January’s Fermentation Friday, we’ll be making ginger ale and mauby (or mabí). Get ready for the summer with these refreshing fermented drinks from the Caribbean Islands.  

Malory Foster’s passion and professional focus is on preventive health through whole foods and wellbeing. She has a fervor for fermented foods and drinks! After experiencing two food fermentation apprenticeships with renowned fermentation author, Sandor Katz, she is excited to share her passion for fermentation! She is a registered dietitian nutritionist living in Sarasota, FL working as a Public Health Nutritionist for the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) program, where she enjoys teaching and learning from parents in regards to healthy eating.  Learn more about her work at

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