Graduates & Testimonials


Community Herbalist Program
Patty Coulton – Florida School of Holistic Living
Lesley Greene – Florida School of Holistic Living
Jackie Feasel – Orenda Herbal
Linda Gutierrez – Wildflower Farm
Shannon Lockhart – Ancient Grove
Donia Mitchell – Enchanted Botanicals
Juan Mercado – Half of Me is Half of You
Kelsey Rae Hallen – digHERBALS
Kim Ellis – Kim Ellis Online
Summer Singeltary & Sarah Benjamin – Great Kosmic Kitchen

Family Herbalist Program
Malory Foster – Holistic RDN
Ralph Giunta – Sky Behind the Clouds
Erica Boucher – Empath Yoga
Nancy Flynn – SaMudra Ocean Yoga


“Herbal Studies courses at FSHL strike the perfect balance between rigorous coursework, in-depth readings and discussions, and hands-on experience with the herbs.  Having almost completed the Family Herbalist certification course, I feel confident in my herbal and natural health knowledge, knowing that I can better take care of myself and the people I love.”
~ Sarah Kate Moore, 2007 Family Herbalist Graduate 

“For many years, I longed for a chance to deepen my knowledge of Herbs, but finding a place I felt comfortable doing so proved to be a challenge. Then one day I had a chance to listen to Emily speak about health and sustainability, and realized just how much knowledge she was willing to offer us. Upon meeting her she was gracious enough to welcome me into the school and her kind nature let me know that she was happy to guide me along my journey. I firmly believe taking herbal classes was the best decision I have ever made. In all my schooling, Emily is the most helpful, assertive teacher/Mentor I have ever had and I truly feel blessed to have been able to have such a wonderful guide on my path of all things holistic and herbal. She has left me with enough knowledge and confidence to pursue my career as a holistic healer.”
~ Shannon Lockhart, 2011 Community Herbalist Graduate

“Emily’s love, gratitude, and knowledge of the plants shines through her teachings. She has a way of making you think on so many different levels. Emily shows what being open to potential and possibility can bring and how very easy it can be. Our community is truly blessed to have her here. Thank you Emily, for all that you do!”
~Melissa Creel, 2013 Community Herbalist Graduate

“In the Summer of 2011, I began my beautiful journey with the school. I started by taking the Roots of Herbalism class, in which I fell in love with this way of life. Listening to my body, to the plants, and to heal in ways that I felt was right. To have control, in a sense. Since my interest had been sparked, I was fortunate to continue my learning in the Family Herbalist Intensive courses. This was a beautiful course where I learned how to make my own medicine, how to listen to the plants, and how to identify them. Above everything else, this has changed my life. I am a practicing herbalist with a cabinet full of herbs that I use DAILY, as well as a garden with medicinal herbs growing.  I am constantly talking to friends and family of how greatly this has impacted me. Not only have I learned a new way of healing for myself, but I am able to help my friends as well. I have also met so many beautiful beings along the way that have been supportive and open instantly. I have so much appreciation and gratitude for Emily, Patty and everyone else at the Florida School of Holistic Living for shedding this beautiful light on me. I am forever grateful.”
~ Leore Wohl, 2012 Family Herbalist Student