Orlando Grief Care Project: What We’ve Been Up To

Published on December 30, 2017 under News
Orlando Grief Care Project: What We’ve Been Up To

Over the past six months, Orlando Grief Care Project has been working hard to stay connected with different local and national organizations with similar goals in outreach. This has enabled us to work closely with the community, lending a helping hand in any way we can. Sharing information on holistic self-care tools to promote wellness has been one of our key missions.

We are committed to working with first and second responders including but not limited to EMT’s, Paramedics, behavioral therapists and crisis hotline counselors who are working tirelessly with their communities as well. We believe that it is very important to ‘Help the Healers Heal.’ These folks are constantly engulfed in trauma situations, so it is important to support them so that they can continue to be at their best, for their communities they work so hard to protect. We have also expanded focus to serve other marginalized communities who may not have access to traditional health care and are estranged from the services available to them, whether due to finances or stigma.

A great example of this was our attendance at the Free Health, Wellness and Community resource fair sponsored by QLatinX,  the CDC and Start Talking Stop HIV. One of the goals of this fair was to facilitate an open and honest dialogue about sexual health that was both linguistically accessible and operated through a cultural humility lens. The purpose was to be able to reach an audience that has historically been underserved and to share wisdom and as many resources as possible in order to help curb HIV transmission rates and equip our community with a network of resources.  With the help of community partners such as The Orlando United Assistance Center, Heart of Florida United Way, The Florida Department of Health and many others, we were able to reach our target communities and beyond. In addition, this was an amazing opportunity for us here at OGCP to learn more about HIV/AIDS and some of the barriers individuals face when seeking assistance and the adversity they face on a daily basis. We feel both humbled and blessed to have had the chance to absorb all this new information.

While much of our work has centered in Central Florida, we also are making it a point to share our work so it can act as a model for other communities in the wake of natural disasters and other tragedies. So early this Fall, OGCP went on a Compassion in Action tour up the east coast providing resources and templates to foster long term and collective healing from trauma.

Looking forward, we plan to continue our work locally and abroad by providing resilience workshops that allow our community to the benefit from trauma-informed yoga as well as classes that introduce therapists, first responders and all other victims of trauma to the proper uses of herbal and other holistic remedies that help support them through stress and anxiety.

If you are looking for a way to contribute to our cause, you can visit us here. Or if you’re looking to provide yourself some restoration and nourishing time, this Wednesday Florida School of Holistic Living is hosting their first ever Soul Care Session at COAL Space. You can click here to attend this hour of soul work.