Following the Pulse nightclub shooting, herbalists with the Florida School of Holistic Living mobilized our network of herbalists around the country to respond to the tragedy by providing love, compassion, and healing herbs to those in trauma through the Orlando Grief Care Project. As weeks passed, other communities such as Twin Cities, Baton Rouge, and Dallas experienced tragedies that captured the national stage. Through these events, we networked with herbalists in these areas to help connect them with organizing resources, guidance, and herbal remedy donors.

In an effort to unite our herbal community and more efficiently and effectively respond to future tragedies around the country, we are launching the herbalACTION network, an alliance of herbalists committed to providing compassionate response to tragedies.

Are you an herbalist willing to mobilize for your community in time of need? Are you a grower or medicine maker willing to donate remedies to other communities in times of crisis?

Submit the form below and let us know who you are, where you are, and what resources you can provide. Through this network, we will reach out to communities on our list when crisis strikes, identify needs on-the-ground, and then promote those calls-to-action through this national network, to quickly coordinate donations and resources getting to where they are needed most.

All information on this form is kept strictly confidential through the herbalACTION network. When a tragedy strikes, we will contact herbalists in the city it occurs to determine what resources are needed. We will then announce a call-to-action through this network, informing individuals what is needed most and where to direct those resources.