4000 acre Healing Sanctuary Preserved in Peru

Published on June 15, 2014 under Environmental Concerns
4000 acre Healing Sanctuary Preserved in Peru

We are grateful to announce that our fiscal sponsor project, Paititi Institute in Peru, has just sent word that thanks to our US fundraising efforts, their non-profit organization has secured a 4000-acre tract of land to establish an environmental sanctuary and healing center in the Mapacho Valley of the Peruvian Andes bordering the Manu National Reserve.

Paititi Institute, featuring the film The Sacred Science, has worked for the last decade in the Amazon region of Peru on a one-hundred acre healing sanctuary.  Their efforts to relocate are in response to continuing spread of malaria in the jungle, and the call of mother nature to preserve land in this sacred area.  We have been their fiscal sponsor since mid-2013, helping them raise funds here in the United States for their mission.

We are proud of the efforts by many donors to help them preserve this land in a diverse and untouched ecosystem which is steadily being encroached upon and put at risk by international corporations seeking to strip the area of its natural resources. We are blessed to know that despite constant pressure on the region from these forces, this specific tract of land will not only be conserved, but will serve as an educational and healing center for thousands of individuals. Work is currently being done on the land now to establish an ongoing food forest and medicine gardens so that the center may be self-sufficient.