Herbs for Heartbreak – Mountain Rose Herbs Blog

Published on June 15, 2016 under Holistic Grief Care Tools
Herbs for Heartbreak – Mountain Rose Herbs Blog

Our hearts are heavy for Orlando. These days we are turning to our herbs for healing our hearts and spirits. Below is a quote from Mountain Rose Herbs’ blog titled ‘Herbs for Heartbreak’.

“…there are plant allies growing all around us that support our whole being without causing harm. While herbs won’t make the pain or sadness disappear, they will make the grieving process endurable – allowing you to transition to a stronger place, faster and healthier. Herbs can help through the stages of grief by calming nerves, quieting upsetting thoughts, relaxing muscles, stimulating healthy digestion, boosting the immune system, and encouraging deep, restful sleep. They work to strengthen the body’s innate coping abilities and can carry you through the day-to-day with less suffering and fragility.”

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