Reishi Mushroom: Intro to Mushroom Identification with Jon Martin!

Published on October 13, 2017 under News


Meet Ganoderma curtisii, a mushroom within a closely-related species complex more commonly referred to as “Reishi”. These lacquered-surfaced polypore fungi are among the most medicinal mushrooms in the world, and lucky for us, happen to grow here in Florida!

The Reishi mushroom supports overall well-being and detoxification, bringing numerous medicinal properties from improved liver function and immunity¹, to lowering blood sugar², and even helping inhibit cancer cells within the body³They have held a prestigious status in the ancient wisdom and system of Traditional Chinese Medicine, being referred to as the “King of Herbs” and “Mushroom of Immortality” for several millennia.

Studies on this mushroom’s constituents and their benefits are plentiful and well-documented in scientific literature with research continuing to this day in order to fully understand its potential and applications.



Once you know this mushroom, it is easy to identify as if you were seeing a familiar friend. It stands apart based on a number of key characteristics – from form and structure, to the colors it exhibits throughout its life-cycle.

In Fascinating Fungi: Intro to Mushroom Identification with Jon Martin, students will learn about this mushroom and many others in-depth, understanding uses, preparation methods, essential identification characteristics of common species, and techniques used in mushroom identification.



Finding and making your own medicine is a very special way to connect with your environment and adapt with your local biome. Here in Florida we have an excellent opportunity to do just that with this very special species. 

Plenty of other mushrooms native to our land are covered in class, from the medicinal and edible, to the toxic and inedible. Be empowered in the world of fungi and learn how to call mushrooms by name!



Join us and Jon Martin on Sunday, October 29th for Fascinating Fungi: Intro to Mushroom Identification with Jon Martin.

Written by: Jon Martin
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