Thank you to our supporters!

Thank you to all who have contributed herbal products or monetary donations to fuel the Orlando Grief Care Project!

We are quite busy at the office due to the need we are tending, but we will get this page updated as often as possible.

Please support these amazing businesses!

ADK Aromatherapy/ Dragon Salt works
Alicia Dann
Amy Terepka – Groundwater Healing
Ancestral Apothecary
Appalacian Ohio Herb Clinic, Wildfire School ofHerbal Medicine
Artemisia & Rue
Audra Locicero
Ava Tehrani
Aven Gully
Beatha Alchemy
Becky Reed
Betsy Miller
Better Than Fine
Blue Ridge School of Herbal Medicine
Brighter Day Health Food Store Georgia
Brigid’s Way
Brita Zeiler
Brittany – Thyme Herbal
Caitlin McMullen (Alembics Herbal)
Carly Joynt and Sophie from Ontario
Cat Pante
Cathryn Smith
Cutting Root Apothecary
Dandelion Communitea Cafe
Dandelioness Herbals
Danielle LaPorte
Dawn McNally
De la tierrra
Delicious Dirt Designs & Apothecary
Directly from Nature, LLC
Donna Goldstein
Earths Love Tea Co
Earthsong Herbals
Eclectic School of Herbal Medicine / Southern Herbal Apothecary
Emily Henderson
Erika Larsen
Essential Herbal
Farmacopia – Cultivating Wellness
Farmacy Herbs
Flora Roja Community Acupuncture & Apothecary
Florida Herb Society
Flower Essence Services
Gina & Kim Jenkins
Good Fight Herb Co
Green Hope Flower Essences
Green Lynx & Bear Creek Apothecary / Herbalists without Borders
Green Medicine Herb School
GreenStar herbs
Hawaiian Essentials
Healing Spirits Herb Farm
Heartstone Herbal Center
Heartwood Herbals – Sharin, Tammi, Inez, Dami, Sheri
Heather Bruntil
Herb Pharm
Herbal Revolution
Herbalist and Alchemist
Herbalist Without Borders & PlantsBased Goods
HErbalista / Herb Bus
Herbals by body song
Herbarium – Jessica Rysz
Herbs from the Labyrinth at Radiance
Joolie Geldner
Just Herbals
Kaitlin Malick
Kate Savkovich
Katja Swift
Kellan Mackay
Kelsey Sadler, In the Weeds Apothecary, Michigan
Kim Ellis
Kings Road Apothecary
Know your roots
Leaves and Roots
Leigh Anne Ricks
Lillahasten Farm
Lillia Lovejoy
Linda Nelson
Lisa Ray
Living Waters Health Food Store
Lola Venado
Lone Palm Herbals
Love’s Whole Foods
M. Boardman
Madison Curry
Mandana Bousher
Maypop Community Herb Shop
Medicine Country Herbs
Meshell Orozlo, Brambleberry botanicals
Meta Brands
Miel Leslie
Mother Hylde
Mountain Rose Herbs
Mrs. Mary Hadzimichalis
Ms Maureen Short
Myrto Daskaloudi
Nancy Scarzello
Native Apothecary
Natural Family Health & Integrative Medicine
Nelson Bach USA Ltd
NettleJuice Herbals
Nina DiCristina
Northwest home witch
Nysie Watson
Ochwilla Hill Fair
Oherbals Apothecary
One willow apothecary
Orenda Herbal
Organic India
Peach Tree Healing
Plantfolk Apothecary
Plants As Allies
Port Supply west marine products
Prairie Folk Supply Co.
Prairie Zen Botanicals
Red Moon Herbs
Rhonda Vantuyl
Rosalee de la Floret
Rose Opal – The Olympia Free Herbal Clinic
Ryan Morris
Sacred Moon Herbs
Sage County Herbs
Seed Bee
Sister Lotus
Sister Spinster
Southern Roots
Spirit Farmer Acupuncture – Anna Werderitsch
Steadfast Aromatics
Sue Bara
Susan Marynowski
Suzanna Stone
The Crystal Mind
The Red Thread Apothecary
The Samara Company
The Scarlet Sage Herb Co.
Third Coast Herb Company
Three Springs Farm of Vermont
Tim Douglas
Traditional Medicinals
Traditional Medicinals
Tray Bohr
Twin Star Herbal Eduction
Upward Spiral Aromatherapy
Vanessa Remhof
Vanessa Serotta
Vermont Center of Integrative Herbalism
Whole Foods Market
Wisewoman Healing Ways / Robin Rose Bennett
Wish Garden Herbs, Inc
Witch Cabinet
Women’s Health and Family
Woodland Essence
Worts & Cunning Apothecary
Yarrow Clayton
Yogi Scents
Zack Woods Herb Farm
Kings Road Apothecary
Sacred Plant Traditions
Martha White
The Sirkin Creative Living Center, LLC
Women’s Herbal Conference
Phyllis Light
elizabeth kyle
Cheryl Cornett
Kathryn Gaughan
Eva B Ford
Partner Earth Education Center, Inc.
Brooke Medicine Eagle
Myra Noss
Laura Brill & Julie Krouse
Caryn Daly
Emily Ho, LLC
Catherine Caldwell
Gregory Jones
avonda streeter
Jane Hulstrunk
Everlasting Herb Farm
Helen Metzman
Sandra Lory
Dan Lamm
Desiree Gruber
Form Design Studio
Carol Christie
Carol McLaughlin-Gray
Jessica Saniuk
Mackenzie Budd
Michelle Lopez
Mary Louise Bove
Rising Appalachia
Christina Henwood
Michelle Bouton
Three Springs Farm / Helen Ward
Gina Jenkins & Kim Meeks