Finances for The Herbalist with Christina Lynch


As with most entrepreneurs, the industry entered is based on passion and interest. The red tape, legal requirements and financial commitments that come along with your business can be overwhelming or confusing at best. Having the knowledge or guidance to navigate the process can enable you to minimize the stress and risks associated with establishing and growing your business. Additionally, knowing how to track and manage your finances in the planning, operating, and growth of your business can assist in ensuring you truly know your financial position and ensure you are capturing all your tax deductions for your financial benefit. As an herbalist, you are your own brand and entity and must protect yourself the same way you protect your clients.

Class Objectives
1. Ensure the proper financial considerations are addressed for running your practice or business.
2. Understand how to best record your expenses and revenue during the planning, operating and growth of your practice or business.
3. Identify the most common tax deductions for your practice or business.

All registrants will receive the course recording and handouts, with access to materials for one year.

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Instructor: Christina Lynch

Christina Lynch is a growing community herbalist who desires to share her knowledge and passions with those around her. She is a first-generation American, with her lineage deriving from Barbados. Taking great desire to reconnect to the earth, continuing the spiritual and physical connections with the earth as her ancestors once did, her intent is to assist others in starting or continuing their journeys in becoming one with themselves.
She is currently the Vice President of Accounting & Finance for The Gabor Agency in Tallahassee, Florida. She has her Master’s degree in Human Resources and Employment Relations from Penn State University, and her bachelor’s degrees in Accounting, Finance, and Human Resource Management from Florida State University. She has 13 years of professional experience in corporate accounting, human resource management, risk management, business plan development, and strategic planning. She has also assisted numerous small businesses to improve administrative operations, develop and maintain bookkeeping practices, and provide training support through her consulting firm, Trydent Consulting, and the Small Business Development Center.

Christina is an avid tea lover, recovering foodie, and cultural explorer.