Flower Essences for Emotional Health: Five-Part Series


Join herbalist Emily Ruff for a five-part series to cultivate a deeper awareness of Flower Essences and how to use them to support your emotional well-being, find balance, and create calm in your daily life.

This five-part course explores the history of these remedies, studies the core 38 essences in-depth, teaches you how to make and formulate, and provides practical assessment tools for understanding their application.

5-Week Course Runs: November 16th – December 14, 2021

Class Meets: Every Tuesday from 6:30-8:30 pm

Tuition: $375

Platform: Live Via Zoom Online

26 CEUs Available – *Acupuncture available in addition to professions listed below

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Submit your Profession and License number in this field for Massage Therapists, Nurses, Midwives and Dietitians in the State of Florida to add CEU credits and $15 fee. Contact our office for other states, professions and questions.

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In a world fraught with stress, grief, and trauma, Flower Essences provides a bright light of hope, peace, and possibility for healing.

This five-part course explores the history of these remedies, studies the core 38 essences in-depth, teaches you how to make and formulate, and provides practical assessment tools for understanding their application.


Whether you’re a practitioner or simply seeking self-care, this course empowers you with tools for emotional wellness for a lifetime.

  • Meet for live classes weekly to receive in-depth instruction and personalized mentorship
  • Receive course workbook and eight complimentary books for study and practical exercises
  • Video classes are recorded for those who cannot make the live sessions and for later review
  • Receive a bottle of Rescue Remedy / Five Flower Formula to start your journey to calm and peace
  • Receive a personalized dosage bottle with a unique flower essence formula to continue your experiential learning
  • Connect with other students via a digital community
  • Students ineligible professions may receive 26 Continuing Education Units (CEU) for successful completion of the course
  • Your five-session course begins Tuesday, November 16 through December 14, 2021 and meets every Tuesday evening from 6:30 – 8:30 pm Eastern Time


  • Tuition is $375
  • Sign up using our convenient payment plan for 3 monthly installments $125
  • Tuition includes workbook, e-books, Rescue Remedy, personalized dosage formula, and postage
  • 26 Continuing Education Units are available for an additional $15 processing fee for Nurses, Midwives, Massage Therapists, and Dietitians in Florida; other licensing boards in other states may also approve credits.


This course covers:
The system of 38 individual Bach Flower Essences 
Their indications for use 
History of flower essences 
Preparation and application techniques 
Florida-based essences

‘Bach Flower Workbook’ by Stefan Ball is included in tuition and is our course textbook. Students receive an additional collection of eight PDF books and dozens of handouts, articles, and studies to supplement their learning. Tuition includes a bottle of Five Flower/Rescue Remedy to begin their learning journey, and a personalized bottle of flower essence remedies mailed to students at the end class.

Please review this link for our school’s tuition and cancellation policies.

Group video conferences will take place in each class session, to review course material and receive new lessons. Conferences will be recorded should students miss a session; however, class participation is required for those students receiving continuing education credits. Course tuition includes shipping of textbooks and flower essences for practicum use within the continental United States; students outside of this region will receive a separate invoice for additional shipping costs. Course tuition also includes online access to video conferences and online class platforms for class discussion and digital resources.


Emily Ruff is a community herbalist who has practiced the art and science of plant healing for fifteen years. Her studies have taken her around three continents where she has studied under healers of many traditions, including an apprenticeship under renowned herbalist Rosemary Gladstar. She has trained with Flower Essence practitioners in North and South America, including her Bach Flower Registered Practitioner training.

Her background in gardening and botany came in childhood while wandering the wilderness and digging in the sandy soils of Florida with her grandfather, a tobacco farmer turned urban gardener, and her father, a botany and astronomy professor. His love of the cosmos was instilled in his daughter at an early age through regular nighttime rituals of watching stars transit and planets journey across the skies.

Emily’s classes have been described as “heart-filled,” “enriching,” and “empowering,” creating a bridge between the teachings of our ancestors and the technologies of our modern world.