Plant Profile: Cuban Oregano with Wilnise

Not actually an oregano! This plant loves to grow in the damp heat of our tropical environment, unlike the Mediterranean oregano. Plectranthus thick leaves can be chopped and added to soups and stews. Join us to find other ideas for this culinary delight.

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If you cannot join us during the scheduled Facebook Live, please view it later on our YouTube Playlist.

Wilnise Francois is a Haitian-American Licensed Nurse and Herbalist that has worked in the allopathic modality of healing for over a decade. Working alongside physicians and caretakers alike facilitating wellness to those across the life span. Her role as an herbalist expanded with the personal need and integration of herbal medicines from her coveted traditional Haitian practices and studies in Western herbalism. As a student herbalist, she is working to revolutionize the cultural affinity of our plant friends through our relationships with the earth and stars. Her aim is to integrate the very love our herbs show us and implement that essence into our daily lives; creating a lifestyle of health and wellness.