Soil Building Strategies with Mark Robinson – January 21, 2024


Learn Florida-Friendly Landscaping practices to build healthy soil and grow nutritious food. We will explore plants to build soil, composting and worm composting and amendments to boost soil fertility.

Tuition: $35

Early Bird Price: $25 through January 14, 2024

Date: January 21, 2024

Time: 10 AM – 11:30 AM (Eastern Standard Time)

Location: Altamonte Springs, FL

Please review this link for our school’s tuition and cancellation policies.

All of our classes, unless otherwise noted, are available and accessible to everyone—whether you are an experienced herbalist, a budding herbalist, or simply herb-curious. Everyone is welcome.

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Mark Robinson of Revival Gardening (, Master Gardener Volunteer in Orange County.

As co-owner of Revival Gardening with my son Chris, we’ve battled the host of difficulties Florida gardeners face, sandy soils, lack of minerals, pests, disease. While succumbing to chemical-use may have been the easier route, we were determined to find a better way. The secret to growing healthy and nutritious food begins with the soil. Naturally healthy soil contains billions of living microorganisms—from bacteria to nematodes, fungi, protozoa, arthropods and earthworms.

While compost is a key component of healthy soil structure, no amount of organic matter can make up for mineral deficiencies. Missing minerals are just that—missing, and missing from the fruits and vegetables that it produces. Natural or organic soil amendments can improve the microbial activity in your garden soil that, in turn, will promote the release of nutrients present in the soil.

This all led us to begin experimenting with making our own worm castings. We were shocked at the abundance and nutrient dense food that followed after feeding our worms a custom formula of organic ingredients. We can now say, years later, we supply Central Florida with the best worm castings, living soils and organic soil amendments on the market.

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