Using Herbs to Support Fertility with Tamara Niedermann


Using herbs to support your fertility allows us to be intentional in our care. In this class, you’ll learn how the uterine fertility cycle works, which herbs to use to support the fertility cycle, and how to create intentional practices while using herbs on this journey.

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Platform: Stream online

Level: All Levels

All registrants will receive the course recording and handouts, with access to materials for one year.

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Class Objectives

  • To gain a basic understanding of the hormones of uterine fertility
  • To learn which herbs support uterine hormones, hormonal health, and uterine fertility
  • To discuss the different ways to use herbs to support their fertility, and most importantly
  • To gain a sense of empowerment and ownership over one’s own body


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Tamara Niedermann, owner and creator of the kindred feminine. She has always known she is at her best when she is in support of the people around her and it’s that desire for deep relationships that have guided Tamara’s journey to birth work, herbalism, and supporting the birthing and bleeding people in her community.
The kindred feminine serves all birthing and bleeding people through education; teaching body literacy, contraception, or conception through the fertility awareness method, and pregnancy and childbirth education; walking alongside people in their conception journeys, and in their pregnancies and their births; creating medicine through processing placentas and herbal offerings.

Tamara identifies as a bisexual cis woman of color who uses the pronouns she, hers, and her. She is a newlywed in her early thirties and the daughter of an immigrant single mother. Tamara acknowledges that Black, Indigenous, People of color (BIPOC) have much worse reproductive outcomes than their white counterparts. Tamara is an advocate for all menstruating and birthing people no matter their race, sexuality, gender, or size. She is a birth keeper, a body literacy educator, and an herbalist. Tamara finds her sense of purpose making placenta and herbal medicine, and holding space for those who she has the privilege of serving.

Grace, peace, and many blessings on you.

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