• November Plant of the Month – Hibiscus

    Common Names: Hibiscus, Jamaica, Roselle, Cranberry Hibiscus, Sorrel, Florida Cranberry, Isapa, Yakuwa, Gurguzu, Flor de Jamaica Latin name: Hibiscus sabdariffa; H. acetosella Family: Malvaceae

  • December 2018 Plant of the Month: Hibiscus

    Latin name: Hibiscus sabdariffa, H. acetosella, Malvaceae Common names: H. sabdariffa: Hibiscus, Jamaica, Roselle, Florida Cranberry, native to India and MalaysiaH. acetosella: Cranberry Hibiscus, Red Maple Leaf Hibiscus, False Roselle, African Rose Mallow Hibiscus, native to South Central AfricaBoth: Sorrel     Parts Used: Leaves are edible, and cooked with chiles and garlic to make a chutney in some Indian and SE Asian cultures. Calyces are collected for a tart beverage. Calyces are a collection of sepals, at the base of the flower. Once the flower has fallen off, the calyx will close and then you can harvest. Inside the calyx is a mucilaginous seed – it’s up to you…

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