• photo of Tradescantia ohiensis common name spiderwort

    Plant Profile: Spiderwort – April 2022

    Perennial native to the Americas and to Florida. It is easy to cultivate and takes root readily from cuttings. Often grown as ground cover in warmer climates, it can be found on roadsides, in Florida lawns, and prefers full sun to part shade.

  • August 2019 Plant of the Month – Spiderwort

    August – Spiderwort Latin name:  Tradescantia ohiensis – Commelinaceae Common name: Spiderwort, bluejacket, Ohio spiderwort, day flower Usage:  Tradescantia ohiensis, or spiderwort, is a Florida native edible and medicinal plant that is tolerant of the intense summer heat. You will find spiderwort blossoming year round in Florida, but the height of its bloom is in the spring. Energetically, spiderwort is a cooling, soothing plant. The fresh leaves and stems can be made into a poultice and used topically  to relieve inflamed skin conditions, similar to Aloe vera. Tradescantia species are used by First Nations people throughout North America. T. virginiana, a species found farther north, is utilized by Cherokee people…