The Sacred Art of Smudging

Published on April 24, 2014 under Events
The Sacred Art of Smudging

In my understanding, cultures around the world utilize the art of smudging for mental, physical, and emotional healing.  I call this an art because every individual has different relationships with the plants and perspectives vary. With this in mind, we also come to a collective understanding of the personalities of the plants and there effects on the physical, mental, and emotional bodies of sentient beings. We find throughout healing traditions of the world that this is an essential part of their way of life. It is very beneficial to aid in the purposes of healing, rites of passage, energetic cleansing, and death ceremonies. I have studied from the Native American, Amazonian, Tibetan, and Puerto Rican cultures and have come to the understanding that there is an underlying essence to this sacred science that naturally lays within the human spirit. This can be easily recognized once utilized. I believe this is one of many tools given to us by the divine intelligence of nature to help the consciousness of sentient beings to evolve, maintain health, and find liberation from suffering, this can help lead them to their true nature and experience genuine everlasting happiness.

Smudging is the common name given to powerful cleansing technique from the healing cultures around the world. The burning of herbs for emotional, psychic, and spiritual purification is a common practice among many religious, healing, and spiritual traditions. It is a ceremonial way to cleanse a person, place or an object of negative energies or influences. It is also an effective method for energizing or blessing a person, place or object.

There is common agreement for the intent of the smudging ceremony found in the multicultural healing traditions of the Earth. The set and setting is an important consideration for the ceremony. This entails keeping in mind the place or location chosen and its relationship to the participant(s). A mindful choice of location can help focus and amplify the healing energy. An example, when working on deep or repressed emotions one can conduct the smudging ceremony next to a body of water like an ocean, the water symbolizing our deep subconscious.Ceremony harmony can be achieved if we choose an auspicious time. Auspicious times include Solar and Lunar eclipses, Summer and Winter Solstice, important astronomical times, Phases of the moon and their symbolism, Yearly anniversaries, birthdays, first menstrual cycle, An Equinox, death anniversaries, rights of passages. One can utilize their intuition to create Sacred time and space.

Traditions from around the world utilize plants in various different ways. The burning of plants is common and has been done through incense, smudge bundles, limpia bundles, and using coals to burn resins. This smoke can be used to clean a person, place, or object. When smoke is not favored one can utilize herbal baths and smudge sprays. Herbs like White sage are commonly used in the period of cleansing a person, place, or thing. After a cleansing has been done, a blessing can be conducted in order to invite positive energies to enter the person/spaces now cleansed. Herbs like Lavender and Sweet grass can be utilized for a blessing.

There are many plant spirits used for healing around the world. Herbs like Tobacco can be very grounding, Cedar can be sanctifying, Juniper can invoke protection, and Palo Santo can remind us of the sweet love of mother nature. Healing traditions around the world sit and listen to the plants in order to see their spirit, personalities, and effects of the plants on the conscious mind. The smudging ceremonies emerge from the collected knowledge of healing plants. The Sacred Art of Smudging is a tool given to sentient beings from the healing divine intelligence in order to evolve, heal, and find liberation from suffering, this can help beings find everlasting happiness. 

– Juan Mercado

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