Website Developer – RFP

The Florida School of Holistic Living is a 501c3 nonprofit organization based in Orlando Florida. Our mission is to support the health and resilience of our community, locally and globally, by providing educational opportunities centered on sustainable and regenerative wellness. In additional to our educational programs, we have provided outreach programs to areas touched by trauma and tragedy since 2011, including relief response projects supporting communities touched by the Pulse Nightclub Shooting, Hurricane Harvey, Standing Rock, and COVID-19.

In Spring 2020, due to Covid-19, our school transitioned from a fully in-person program to a fully remote program, with a combination of live-online and digital on-demand courses through 2020 and 2021. Due to budget constraints, we built and maintained a new website in-house to support this transition.

As the future of our in-person programming remains uncertain, and our experience with our remote learning platform grows, we are currently seeking an independent website developer to oversee technical support for our current website. The position we are seeking will include ongoing maintenance of current infrastructure, specific upgrades and migrations to improve functionality for the user and the staff maintaining content, and overall consultation for the functionality of our virtual presence.

As a nonprofit, budget concerns are always a consideration. We built and maintained our current site in-house during Spring 2020. It operates on a WordPress framework, using Ashe Pro Theme, Woo Commerce Checkout, and Learndash LMS as main software, with a variety of complementary plugins supporting detailed functions.

We are seeking a capable website developer to oversee the ongoing maintenance of our website including identifying and overseeing improvements and upgrades to simplify the technical functions of our website and reduce database loads on our hosting plan; maintaining periodic updates of our plugins; and overseeing the anticipated migration of our Payment Plugin, Theme, and Builder over the next six months.

The ideal candidate will:

  • Be familiar with WordPress, WooCommerce, and Learndash
  • Work alongside Executive Director, Technical Consultant and Marketing Director to implement upgrades to current website presence
  • Be able to customize code to reconcile a current and specific Learndash & Woo Subscription+Payment Plan Issue
    • Current settings default to remove students when subscriptions are not paid on time – however, if there is a multi-part payment plan over the first few months but then Learndash access is intended to last for one year upon successful completion, the settings don’t allow this, but instead remove a student after the final payment plan is completed. We need a customization to support subscription payment plans remaining in a Learndash course after their final payment that also removes student access if their payments fail.
  • Be able to monitor database usage and recommend ways to trim strain on current database load
  • Be able to support migration from Ashe Pro theme to Astra theme in the coming months
  • Be able to support migration from Gutenberg and Genesis to a new builder in the coming months
  • Be able to support migration from WooCommerce Paypal Checkout Gateway to WooCommerce Paypal Payments to in the coming months
  • Be able to maintain regular plugin updates and best practices on WordPress, WooCommerce, Learndash, and complementary plugins as needed
  • Be able to interface with WpEngine Hosting, Cloudflare CDN, and Dreamhost Registrar as needed
  • Be able to direct opportunities to improve and upgrade SEO presence via our website and complementary plugins
  • Be fluent in Google Ad campaigns to support our Marketing Director in implementing a monthly $10,000 grant for AdWords (alternately, be able to refer to a colleague who can fulfill this role)
  • Our Website’s current plugins are listed below. Our ideal candidate will be able to our support current plugins and/or advise regarding opportunities to consolidate or upgrade these plugins to better options going forward:
    • WordPress Framework
    • Cloudflare CDN
    • Learndash LMS
    • WooCommerce Basic Checkout
    • Woo Subscriptions & Payment Plans
    • Woo Gift Cards, Name your Price, USPS Shipping, Cart Abandonment Recovery, Advanced Notifications, Advanced Order Export, Product Table Pro
    • Woo Side Cart, One Page Checkout, Custom Fields, Custom Emails
    • AffiliateWP
    • Redirection
    • WP Mail Log
    • WP Forms
    • MyWorks Sync Quickbooks-WooCommerce
    • Facebook and Zapier for WooCommerce
    • Mailchimp for both WooCommerce and site-wide email capture integrations
    • Smush Balloon Instagram Feed and Image Optimizer
    • Sitekit and Google Analytics
    • and more

This contract position will include an initial migration of key plugins as mentioned above, followed by ongoing monthly oversight of infrastructure updates, as well as on-call support for troubleshooting one-off issues as they arise.

Please submit your contact information, portfolio, and references below to apply for consideration for this position.