Week 10 Update

In addition to our weekly classes at Zebra, massage to local counseling centers, and refills of herbal remedies to current and new clients, we’ve had great discussions with week on expanding our service to the local first responder community. Soon, we will start trainings for the counselors of first responders on holistic remedies and tools, and how they can serve this community in relief from the trauma of the Pulse tragedy, as well as the ongoing crises that first responders serve in Central Florida.

We are also preparing for speaking engagements throughout the Atlantic Coast and New England, spreading the message of our work so other communities can emulate this model, including a class and a booth at the New England Women’s Herbal Conference. We are also excited to start sharing the news about our latest project, the herbalACTION Network.

We continue to receive herbal and monetary donations which are greatly needed as our outreach effort expands – thank you to folks around the country who are continuing to support our efforts!

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