Weekly Herbal Workshop Series starts March 10th!

Published on January 31, 2016 under Classes
Weekly Herbal Workshop Series starts March 10th!

The Florida School of Holistic Living is excited to launch a weekly herbal workshop series this spring as our latest community education program. Join us to learn more about the healing world of plant this spring at our new weekly herbal workshop series! Both the amateur plant lover and the seasoned herbal enthusiast will find a workshop to fit your interest. Bring a friend and come learn, share, and grow together, every Thursday night at 6:30 pm. Tuition is $20 per workshop, or sign up for 10 & get one FREE.

March 10 – Herbal Smoothies
March 17 – Herbal Support for Seasonal Allergies

March 24 – Make Your Own (Gourmet) Golden Milk

March 31 – Basic Herbal Medicine Making

April 7 –
Herbal Recipes for Kids
April 14 –
Herbal Nightcaps & Remedies for Sleep
April 21 –
Love Your Lungs
April 28 –
All About Elder
May 5 –
Eating for Emotional Wellbeing
May 12 –
Herbal Remedies for Energy
May 19 –
Herbal Support for Surgery & Recovery
May 26 –
Make Your Own Oxymels
June 9 – Eating Healthy on a Budget
June 16 – Beyond Beans: Batch Cooking for You!
June 23 – Herbs & Bacteria
June 30 – Herbs & Viruses
July 7 – How to Make Herbal Syrups
July 14 – How to Make Bone Broth
July 21- The Many Types of Estrogen
July 28 – How to Make Liniments
August 4 – Herbal Beverages: teas, lemonades, mocktails, shrubs, & more!
August 11 – Crafting Your Own Herbal Bitters
August 18 – Herbal Support for Autoimmune Conditions


About the Teachers:

Nina DiCristina is an herbalist in Orlando, Florida. She’s been studying the plants since 2008 and formally with the guidance of herbalist Emily Ruff at the Florida School of Holistic Living since 2011. She’s also been fortunate enough to study with Rosemary Gladstar, and Guido Masé. She loves the daily communion with the plants and the joy they bring to those who know them. She writes at, can be found pouring the tea at beloved Dandelion Communitea Cafe, teaching at the Florida School of Holistic Living, and enthusiastically assisting at the annual Florida Herbal Conference.

Deb 2Debbie Krause is a Central Florida herbalist with a passion for plants, healing and medicine-making. She graduated with a degree in Environmental Studies from Rollins College’s Hamilton Holt School in 1994 and has had a passion for nature and a connection to nature ever since. One of her greatest joys is wandering through the woods here in Florida or up in the mountains of North Carolina.
Debbie began her formal herbal training at the Florida School of Holistic Living and completed the Community Herbalist training under Emily Ruff’s skilled guidance. She has continued her training with a variety of esteemed herbalists including Kim Ellis, Margi Flint, Jody Noe, Phyllis Light, 7Song, Thomas Easley, Michael Cottingham, John Gallagher, Rosalee de la Foret, Sam Coffman and Steven Horne.
Debbie believes that learning never ends and is thankful for every opportunity to learn about herbs, wilderness, and healing. She appreciates every teacher who has crossed her path and believes that “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”
While Debbie appreciates every aspect of herbalism, she has a true passion for medicine-making. You can often find her in the kitchen working with fresh roots, creating tinctures and formulas or making her well-known “Deb’s Super Salve” first-aid salve and lip balm. She takes a lighthearted approach and loves the fun, messy nature of herbalism and the cast of characters that has become a core part of her life. She also enjoys teaching others how to take their own health and the health of their families, communities and environment into their own hands.

Shannon Lockhart is a Mother, Folk Herbalist and light-worker. As a healer, her passion in life has become empowering others by helping them learn how to be responsible for their personal health and well-being. With such a busy life and being mindful of the fact the she is human and not immune to the external stressors in our world, Shannon decided to implement yoga into her daily routine. After attending yoga regularly, she was pleased with how yoga helped her off the mat in every aspect of her life. Having crossed paths with a wonderful teacher by the name of Tymi Howard and feeling blessed to be a part of the beautifully spirited community of like-minded individuals she helped grow, she was in Love! Shannon soon decided she wanted to deepen her practice and began teacher training the following summer. Shannon has been teaching yoga ever since and is truly humbled by the opportunity and experience. Allowing yoga to take a key role in her life has been essential as it has opened doors to new positive opportunities, new friends, and most importantly opened her heart! Shannon wants to share her passion and love for yoga with others, knowing it will have many positive effects in their lives as well.

Maggie O’Halloran comes from a large family where chaos was the norm. She always found peace outside in her father’s vegetable garden or climbing maggie_headshotmagnolia trees. One of her older brothers was considered hyperactive and had a hard time staying in school. Because of the impact food had on his behavior they had no sugar in the house, including ketchup! She learned in her mother’s kitchen that the things you put in your mouth impact your mind and your body. In the early 90’s she first found her own inspiration to view health from a holistic perspective while working as a teacher assistant at a mental health hospital for children. From that experience, she decided that there had to be a better way to help kids beyond medicating them to a zombie state with pharmaceuticals. She started college studying education and psychology and ultimately received a bachelor’s degree in Human Development.
In 1999 she took her love of plants to Oakland, California where she worked with inner city elementary students and teachers, learning and teaching about violence prevention and anger management through physical education and body awareness. She explored working with food, exercise, breathing, and communication skills. That was also when she discovered a love of running (especially marathons) and biking (because it is so easy and incredibly beautiful there!) Much like in Arkansas she continued to study plants and their medicine by sharing with friends. Her friend Hyim still believes fire cider works so well on head colds because after you consume it you are no longer focused on the cold but the burn! In 2006 she moved to Florida to find a slower pace in life. She found a home near Wekiwa Springs just so she could go kayaking or hit a trail first thing in the morning. Though her love of teaching hasn’t waned, she took the opportunity to focus on deepening her plant knowledge in a more intentional way with herb walks with Emily Ruff and attending the Florida Herb Conference in the spring of 2012. Since then she has found inspiration from teachers like Phyllis Light, Rosemary Gladstar, and mostly Emily Ruff. Finishing the community herbalist program in May of 2015. She continues her passion for helping people find peace by sharing her knowledge with whomever will listen. She enjoys working with friends, family, and strangers seeking a more holistic way to be healthy.

Cat Pante aka (Anarchy Alchemist) is a Herb Crafter in Daytona Beach Florida.  Formerly, Cat was a law enforcement officer in DaytonaAutosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbHBeach, serving 8 years of her 24 year career, as motorcycle officer on the Daytona Beach Motor Squad. Cat also served in the Florida Army National Guard.  Cat retired from law enforcement in 2012. She loves the ocean and volunteers in beach clean ups with Surf Rider Foundation.  Previously, she volunteered at Haven Recovery Center for women, teaching yoga to women in recovery. (200 and 500 hour yoga teacher training completed with Karrie AuBuchon). Cat began her study of herbs with Herbalist Ralph Shelton, in 1999 after being sent to him for treatment of hepatitis c.  After following his protocol for 3 years she is now non-detectable for hep-c.  Cat‘s interest in herbs grew as a result and she continued to read Ralph’s, and her own father‘s herb books. In 2013 Cat discovered the Florida School of Holistic Living and completed the Community Herbalist Program with Emily Ruff. Cat has also completed courses offered by herbalists around the country including:  Cancer Care for Herbalists with Jody Noe, Reading the Body with Margi Flint, Southern Folk Medicine with Phyllis Light, First Aid for the Home with 7 Song, Herbalist Teacher Training with Rosemary Gladstar, as well as classes with  David Winston and Betzy Bancroft.  Cat is currently continuing her herbal education in Chinese herbs under Bob Linde in Saint Petersburg, FL. Cat is also the creator of “Cat‘s Pit Dust” a natural deodorant.  Cat loves to wild gather elderberries and make a MESS crafting up some plant medicine… “She’s MAD but She’s MAGIC.  There’s no lie in her FIRE.” – Charles Bukowski

Annie SewDev is an herbalist and EMT in central Florida. She offers donation based herbal wellness consultations, wildcrafts and prepares herbal annieheadshotmedicine, teaches about plant identification and utilization, and offers free herbal first aid in downtown Orlando. With great fondness for the place that she lives, she seeks to practice bioregional herbalism, using local plants to improve the quality of life and reduce suffering. She enjoys botanizing with friends, cooking with wild foods, and learning all the intricacies of the relationship between plants and humans. To learn more about Annie, visit