What if all the medicine you ever needed was already at your fingertips?

Health in your own home is accessible, affordable, and awaiting you….

Herbalists often study medicinal plants from across the Earth to add to our apothecary – but no matter how many exotic herbs we learn from faraway lands, we always turn to the herbs we grow closest to home.

Kitchen Medicine is our most important herbal practice – it’s accessible, affordable, potent, versatile, rich with tradition, and full of fun.

thyme honey

Learn more in our new Kitchen Medicine series

Kitchen Medicine is an eight-part series, offering weekly workshops focused on individual medicinal plants you can find in your kitchen pantry, grocery store, or backyard garden.

Each week, you’ll learn more about the history, folklore, and cultural significance of a medicinal plant; dive into its medicinal benefits and applications; and walk through a step-by-step demonstration of a unique recipe that will help you integrate this medicinal plant into your daily routine.

Featuring ten of your favorite kitchen herbs

Thyme / Sage / Garlic / Onion / Basil / Parsley / Ginger / Cayenne / Citrus / Rosemary

Learn their medicinal benefits and applications alongside their history, folklore, and cultural significance
PLUS walk through a step-by-step demonstration of a unique recipe for each herb
so you can integrate them into your personal health and culinary routine.

Make 2022 the healthiest year yet –
Join us for the journey starting January 20th

This class is open to beginner and intermediate students of herbalism seeking to expand their herbal repertoire and build deeper relationships with the herbs and spices already in their homes.

You’ll walk away with a depth of knowledge about each plant, empowered with new recipes you can make in your own home, and as always, a sense of fun and admiration for the awe-inspiring power of these simple plants.

Sessions are recorded and students will have access to the replays and handouts for a full year, to revisit often as you try your hand at recipes in your kitchen.

Payment Plans are Available!

Learn from five of our most passionate herbal teachers

Maggie O’Halloran

Emily Ruff

Christina Lynch

Wilnise François

Shay DeGrandis

Want a sneak peek?

Download our free Medicine in Your Kitchen recipe booklet for five easy recipes for homemade health

Keeping yourself healthy has never been more accessible…

In just eight weeks, you’ll gain invaluable tools to support your family’s health for a lifetime.

Join us for our eight part series to get to know the medicines in your kitchen, backyard, and grocery store!

Payment Plans are Available!

Learn more about the series with your host, herbalist Maggie O’Halloran

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Join us for our FREE Workshop – Discover the Medicine in Your Kitchen – on January 9th at 3 pm