Our Graduates

All of our graduates contribute to our community through their care for themselves and their families. Cultivating home and family herbalists is the most important aspect of our work. A number of our graduates have also entered into vocational expressions of herbalism since attending our programs.

Community Herbalist graduates

  • Patty Coulton 2011 – Florida Herbal Conference Co-Director 2012-2022
  • Jackie Feasel 2011 – Orenda Herbal
  • Linda Gutierrez 2011 – Wildflower Farm
  • Shannon Lockhart 2011 – Ancient Grove, Orlando Grief Care Project
  • Donia Mitchell 2011 – Enchanted Botanicals
  • Juan Mercado 2011 – Half of Me is Half of You
  • Kim Ellis, RN 2012 – Barefoot Enchantress
  • Lesley Greene, RN 2012 – Neurooncology Nurse Navigator, Orlando Health
  • Summer Singletary 2013 – The Kosmic Kitchen
  • Sarah Benjamin 2013 – The Kosmic Kitchen
  • Caitlin McMullen 2014 – Magnolia and Pine
  • Donna Cirell 2014 – Lady of the Lake Herbals
  • Renee Crozier Prince 2014 – Traditions School of Herbal Studies
  • Annie SewDev 2015 – Bean’s Herbarium
  • Cat Pante 2015 – David Winston
  • Maggie O’Halloran 2015 – Florida School of Holistic Living Executive Director
  • Debbie Krause 2015 – Deb’s Mega Balm, Orlando Grief Care Project
  • Caitlin Ollinger 2016 –
  • Lisa Ray 2016 – Graduate, Eclectic Institute of Herbal Studies
  • Laura Croson 2016 – Graduate, Eclectic Institute of Herbal Studies
  • Miranda Resnick 2016 – Vermont Center of Integrative Herbalism
  • Phoenix Fermin 2016 – Phoenix’s Apothecary
  • Ralph Giunta 2016 – Remember Plants
  • Audra Locicero 2017 – Beautyberry Apothecary
  • Michele Bumbier 2017 – Bleeding in the Garden
  • Stephen Kane 2017 – Bok Towers Education Director, Youth program Florida Herbal Conference, Middle School Teacher
  • Samantha Johnson 2018 – Mooncove Botanicals
  • Wilnise Francois 2020 – Well Fed Apothecary
  • Tania Baros 2020 – American Hempothecary
  • Christina Lynch 2020 – The Ginger Tea Company, Executive Director American Herbalist Guild
  • Militza Maury 2020 – Little Green Dot
  • Yasmeen Gay – YG Herbals

Family Herbalist graduates

  • Mila Belle Dykes – Florida School of Holistic Living Marketing Director
  • Malory Foster – Holistic RDN, Florida Herbal Cooperative
  • Erica Boucher – Empath Yoga
  • Nancy Flynn – SaMudra Ocean Yoga
  • Ash Brown – Graduate, Eclectic School of Herbal Studies

Meet some of our graduates

  • Community Graduate – Tamara Niedermann
    Favorite lesson My favorite lesson learned through my time with the Holistic Living School is that this education isn’t just about learning which herbs to use for what, or how to make a tincture or tea, or how to build an herbal business. It’s also about learning about and celebrating your lineage and the people who came before you. It’s about connecting to your ancestors, remembering a practice that’s been forgotten, and becoming more yourself in the process. Journey into herbalism I started learning about herbs as a way to support the people I was serving in my doula practice. I’ve been a doula for five years and I saw that my clients wanted products, pregnancy teas, and salves, etc, and I wanted to meet that need. I took the Roots of Herbalism and then the Family Herbalist course and it was in that course that I began to feel like this education was going to be less about my clients and more about me. 
  • Community Graduate – Christina Lynch
    My journey with FSHL began in 2016, when I began attending classes with the North Florida branch with Phoenix. The calmness and content that I felt instantly told me that I was where I needed to be. Over the past four years, I continued to grow my knowledge and seek my own healing within herbalism. At the beginning of the pandemic, when everything ceased for what now seems like a brief moment, I was able to see my growth and realign my focus to continue on my journey of healing and happiness. This led to two events: the beginning of The Ginger Tea Company and the formal premier of Herbalists Without Borders chapter in the Big Bend area. 
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