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In our mission to make herbal education accessible to all, we offer these two evergreen classes for FREE. Should you choose to make a love donation, we welcome your support and thank you!

Plant Profiles

Every month, we choose an ally as our plant of the month. Our herbal monographs are completely free and full of valuable information regarding many of the herbs we teach about in our course.


Indicated for nervous conditions like insomnia, anxiety, and muscle tension and commonly used as a sleep aid and mild pain reliever.  It helps to promote normal sleep by its sedative action and is useful for those who have a hard time quieting the mind at bedtime.

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Ginger can be a tonic for the heart. In traditional Chinese, Indonesian and Ayurvedic medicine, ginger has been used to treat a variety of cardiovascular conditions.

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Plants in the genus Sida are pantropical and have a history of medicinal use everywhere that they grow, including within the Ayurvedic (called kurumthotti) and Traditional Chinese.

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Shiitake takes its name from the Japanese word “shii” for the tree it was typically found growing on, and “take” which means mushroom. Shiitake has been used for over 6,000 years in ancient Chinese Medicine (Shiitake Mushroom, n.d.) and likely began being cultivated over 1400 years ago in 600 AD.

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Celebrated for its herbal healing properties, garlic’s intense aroma and reputation precedes it. Worshipped, revered, and despised worldwide and cross-culturally for its curative, protective, stamina-boosting, and magical powers, garlic is one of the most flavorful and popular culinary spices around the world.

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Herbal Consultation Directory

At this time we are not holding sessions, but if you need professional advice and someone who is trained please consult our list of recommended community and clinical herbalists who conduct their own private consultations. Please note: each herbalists creates their own fee schedule and acts independently of the Florida School of Holistic Living.

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