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Our Three-Part Core Curriculum Guides You

Step 1: Roots of Herbalism

Our Roots of Herbalism course is an immersive course introducing herbalism to both experienced and beginners alike. It is an excellent course for those wishing to gain a comprehensive introduction to herbalism, and empowers students with the knowledge, tools, and experience to continue their journey to natural, radiant wellbeing.

There are two options for this taking this course:

Roots of Herbalism Home Study which is a hands-on education completed from the comforts of your own home and at your own pace.

Roots of Herbalism 2-Day Intensives held live and in-person in and around Central Florida.

Both introduce students to over 20 foundational herbs and core concepts to herbalism.

Step 2: Family Herbalist Program

Roots of Herbalism is the prerequisite course for our Family Herbalist program. This program empowers students to care for the everyday health imbalances they face as family caretakers. The lessons included provide students with a strong, comprehensive herbal education, covering over 150 herbs, herb cultivation, anatomy and physiology, alternative health modalities, plant chemistry and botany, nutrition, detoxification, medicinal formulation, and a wide spectrum of herbal preparations and herbal medicine-making. Students who graduate from this program receive a certificate of completion enter the world prepared to care for their family’s health through safe, natural, preventative, healing, and balancing avenues.

Classes vary with some being held in-person and others having a Zoom-in option. Check class descriptions for details.

Step 3: Community Herbalist Program

Completion of the Family Herbalist is the prerequisite for entering our Community Herbalist program. The Community Herbalist program is tailored to individuals who wish to continue their herbal education and is especially suited to those who wish to use herbalism in a professional setting, whether it is education, consultation, or integrating herbalism into an existing health profession. This final program focuses on small, individualized groups for study and practicum. Students explore their niche in the herbal world through deepening their experience in cultivation, consultation, education, and preparations. Students work one-on-one with professional herbalists to explore the intricacies of the field and to find their heart’s calling and their path. Students who complete the Community Herbalist program integrate their knowledge of herbalism into a professional setting and receive a certificate of completion.

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Our mission is to lift up our community by empowering families to take their health into their hands and into their gardens.

Upcoming Classes & Options

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Roots of Herbalism Home Study

Roots of Herbalism Home Study simple

Roots of Herbalism Intensive Weekends

Roots of Herbalism Weekend Intensive Orlando

Family Herbalist Program

Fall Family 2022

Community Herbalist Program

Community Herbalist Program Live with Zoom

Throughout the year, we offer several sessions of our in-person weekend intensive for the Roots of Herbalism in Orlando and Tallahassee. We also offer Roots of Herbalism as a self-paced Home Study Course (an online course and a physical package of accompanying materials) available year-round.

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Plan your class schedule with the Florida School of Holistic Living

The health of our planet, of our communities, and of our bodies are inextricably connected. At Florida School of Holistic Living, we approach herbalism from an ecological perspective, cultivating a sustainable practice that focuses on medicinal plants of our bioregion. We believe in a hands-on approach to learning, and work with the plants themselves, dried herbs, and herbal preparations to build our knowledge. We explore herbalism holistically, recognizing that nutrition, exercise, stress management, and other holistic modalities offer us a full experience of health. We encourage our students to integrate their study into a personal practice, so they can benefit daily and relate to the material through first-hand experience.

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Community Herbalist graduates seeking additional clinical and professional guidance are invited to apply to our Herbalist Mentorship Program. This program is structured as a single-student, mentor-based apprenticeship, tailored to the educational goals of each student. This program is self-paced, and is based in clinical practicum, and also includes cultivation and preparation experience, teaching hours, and published written assignments.

For all Roots of Herbalism students and graduates, we also offer a Roots Roundtable monthly gathering as an open forum for our students to reconnect, share, ask questions, and continue their journey in the herbal world, outside of our formal programs. These fun, insightful, and educational gatherings are a great opportunity to reconnect with old classmates and meet new friends while enriching your personal herbal practice. A subscription to Roots Roundtable includes a curated library of digital video, audio, and book resources as well as exclusive discounts to herbal companies.


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Check out this informative Q&A session with Teachers and Graduates of our Herbal Core Curriculum classes. This includes wonderful insights and testimonies from our graduates currently using their herbalist training out in their fields!!!

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