• Dandelion


    Dandelions are, perhaps, most recognized by their seed heads.  Those beautiful puffs that children (and many many adults) can't resist pulling from the ground to blow into the wind.

  • Cayenne


    Capsicum peppers are from the western hemisphere where they have been used for thousands of years. The word Capsicum derives from the Greek word kapto meaning “to bite.”

  • Pine 2


     The pine tree has long been utilized for its lumber, resins and medicines. The leaves of the pine tree, or needles, can be utilized for their medicinal properties, as well as the resin of the tree. The energetics of pine are warming and drying.

  • Fennel 1


    A delicious addition to an otherwise unflavorful herbal formula, fennel shines as a tea and culinary spice. This sweet anise like seed can also be prepared as a tincture in your preferred menstruum, just be sure to lightly crush the seeds first. 

  • Calendula


    This sticky, golden, aster is well known as an all-star skin remedy. The resinous flowers are cooling and soothing topically, as well as internally.

  • Plantain


    Commonly called the “green bandage”, a poultice of fresh, mashed Plantago leaves can be used topically to address insect bites, stings, rashes, eczema, poison ivy/oak, and infections.

  • Oak


    We see many different species of oak in Central Florida, but perhaps the most striking is the Southern Live Oak, or Quercus virginiana.  This species of oak has both a deep taproot and a wide-spreading root system to support its heavy, sprawling branches that often dramatically curve towards the ground and up again.

  • Citrus


    Many of the common citrus fruits we know and love are not only delicious but also beneficial for both their nutritional and medicinal properties.

  • Prickly Pear Cactus

    Prickly Pear Cactus

    The usage of the many Opuntia species is great and varied, from food and medicine to dye and water purification. This genus of cactus has historical and modern usage beyond that of nopal tacos (which is one superb way to utilize this spiky plant’s tender pads).

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