The gifts of nature
and teachings of ancestors
bring us health and peace through
the challenges of modern life.

Dig your fingers in the soil with us,
and let’s plant seeds of healing together…

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Roots of Herbalism Free Sample Class

  • Moringa – Plant of the Month, November
    Plant of Month profile contributed by Jessica Grandey Common Names Wonder Tree, The Divine Tree, The Miracle Tree, Drumstick tree, West Indian Ben, Bridal Veil, Muringa/Muringai (Tamil), Jacinto (Spanish), Sahijan, Munaga (Hindi), Shigru, Shobhanjana (Ayurvedic). Benzolive Tree, or Ben Oil Tree
  • Beautyberry – Plant of the Month, October
    Plant of Month profile contributed by Jessica Grandey Common Names Beautyberry, American Beautyberry, French Mulberry, Perfumed cherry, ZiZhu
  • Community Graduate – Tamara Niedermann
    Favorite lesson My favorite lesson learned through my time with the Holistic Living School is that this education isn’t just about learning which herbs to use for what, or how to make a tincture or tea, or how to build an herbal business. It’s also about learning about and celebrating your lineage and the people who came before you. It’s about connecting to your ancestors, remembering a practice that’s been forgotten, and becoming more yourself in the process. Journey into herbalism I started learning about herbs as a way to support the people I was serving in my doula practice. I’ve been a doula for five years and I saw that my clients wanted products, pregnancy teas, and salves, etc, and I wanted to meet that need. I took the Roots of Herbalism and then the Family Herbalist course and it was in that course that I began to feel like this education was going to be less about my clients and more about me. 

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