Enhance your garden, health, emotions & medicine making
in deeper relationship with the cycles of earth and sky

Join us for a yearlong journey
to cultivate clarity & creativity
in harmony with lunar cycles

The Moon is the earth’s oldest temple holding the potency of countless prayers since the dawn of time … a bell whose ringing brings you into the field of the Mother, where body and soul can quietly drink. – Dana Gerhardt

How can cultivating a deeper relationship with the cycles of the seasons and the stars transform your life?

☽ Gardening

Improve germination rates and increase your harvest yields by gardening with the moon whether you are a novice gardener or a longtime green thumb

☽ Health

Understand your physical strengths and vulnerabilities in context of the cosmos and medical astrology to enhance your wellness routines

☽ Relationships

Gain clarity on your emotional ebbs and flows to improve communication and relate with more compassion and clarity to those around you

☽ Creativity & Manifestation

Learn how to follow a lunar calendar to understand when your creative potential is most powerful and when is best to rest and incubate to set clear intentions and manifest them into reality

☽ Medicine Making

Tap into traditional rhythms of harvesting and making medicine to enhance the potency of your herbal preparations

☽ Spiritual Practices

Grow in your relationship to the elements of earth and the cycles of the cosmos to ground your spiritual routines and find alignment with celestial rhythms in waking and dream life

What you’ll learn through a year of Moon Medicine

Our study will explore Lunar Influences on Gardening – Harvesting – Medicine Making – Emotional Healing – Physical Wellness – Intention Setting – Dream Manifesting

  1. Understand the lunar cycle including the energetic influences of phases (apogee, perigee, waxing moon, waning moon, Full Moon, New Moon) through the study of the calendar year corresponding with each lunar sign
  2. Explore the intersection of astronomy and astrology through historically cited teachings, lunar-influenced cosmologies, and traditions throughout all the worlds religions
  3. Learn the influence of the moon on your garden from seed planting, harvesting, propagation, and weeding through a study of modern science and folk traditions
  4. Develop a deeper connection to your own lunar profile and learn throughout the year, and explore ideal times to set intentions, manifest dreams, and release ideas, beliefs, and behaviors you have outgrown
  5. Align your personal and professional activities with the most positive lunar influences by planning strategically and living consciously with the daily moon
  6. Create health rituals based on lunar activity that optimize fertility, energy, and healing potential by aligning with plant allies, holistic modalities, and cosmic forces
  7. Gain insight into the influences of lunar movements on personal relationships and learn how to align communications with the cosmos.

Your Yearlong Moon Medicine Course includes…

A comprehensive curriculum with resources to support your personal learning

Instructional Workbooks
each New Moon and Full Moon

with a Celestial Skywatch Forecast, Gardening by the Moon, Journal Prompts, Lunation Reflections, Zodiac teachings, and Exercises to Guide and Ground you for each New & Full Moon

Live Group Discussions
each Equinox and Solstice

to connect with the current seasonal influences and prepare for the season ahead with an opportunity to connect with classmates and ask questions of our teaching team

Plus, Exclusive Access to Program Features

Moongazers Community Forum

Connect with classmates to share experiences and resources as you grow together along your celestial journey

Monthly Personal Planner Pages

Use planner pages to follow the lunar cycles and mark your energy and emotions, document observations in your garden, and set out plans aligned with the moon’s rhythms

Lunar Lessons Library

Enjoy supplemental lessons with each Moon’s workbook to deepen your understanding of astronomy, astrology, folklore and history, health, gardening, and emotional cycles


2022-2023 Digital Lunar Calendar

Follow detailed moon movements alongside your work or personal schedule for greater integration of lunar rhythms in your routine

Integrate the course digital calendar into your phone, laptop, or current calendar program for seamless support on your journey with the stars

Next class starts Summer Solstice 2022

Deepen your relationships with the earth and the heavens

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Give yourself the gift of deeper connection and greater insight

Meet Your Teachers

Emily Ruff

Emily Ruff is a community herbalist who has practiced the art and science of plant healing for two decades. Her studies have taken her around three continents where she has studied under healers of many traditions, including an apprenticeship under renowned herbalist Rosemary Gladstar.

Her background in gardening and botany came in childhood while wandering the wilderness and digging in the sandy soils of Florida with her grandfather, a tobacco farmer turned urban gardener, and her father, a botany and astronomy professor. His love of the cosmos was instilled on his daughter at an early age through regular nighttime rituals of watching stars transit and planets journey across the skies.

Emily’s classes have been described as “heart-filled,” “enriching,” and “empowering,” creating a bridge between the teachings of our ancestors and the technologies of our modern world.

Wilnise Francois

Wilnise Francois is a Haitian-American Licensed Nurse and Herbalist that has worked in the allopathic modality of healing for over a decade.

Working alongside physicians and caretakers alike facilitating wellness to those across the life span. Her role as an herbalist expanded with the personal need and integration of herbal medicines from her coveted traditional Haitian practices and studies in Western herbalism.

As a community herbalist, she is working to revolutionize the cultural affinity of our plant friends through our relationships with the earth and stars. Her aim is to integrate the very love our herbs show us and implement that essence into our daily lives; creating a lifestyle of health and wellness.

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