Art of Herbal Kombucha Fermentation and Flavoring


Join Daniel from Living Vitalitea as we dive into the world of Kombucha fermentation! We will demonstrate how to easily brew kombucha, learn the benefits of drinking and working with this elixir, uncover the chemistry of how it works, and delve into some of our favorite flavoring recipes!


Local students can contact the instructor to pick up a SCOBY and starter tea upon successful registration in the class.

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Please review this link for our school’s tuition and cancellation policies.

Daniel has been brewing Kombucha since 2011. He built his business out of a passion and love for brewing great-tasting, raw, organic Kombucha. Prior to this, he was an Engineer in the Medical Industry and decided to leave his career to start the business because he truly believes in the benefits of this healthy elixir. He grew his business organically starting in his own kitchen, and today his products can be found throughout Central Florida and beyond. When not in his brewery, Daniel can be found supporting rhythm at the FSHL moon circles, relaxing among the plants, or planning travel experiences.

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