Basics of Herbal Medicine Making

Join us for a five-part video workshop series with herbalists Emily Ruff, Maggie O’Halloran, and Shannon Alycia. This series was originally hosted live in April 2020 and has been recorded by request to share with students interested in developing the art and skill of herbal medicine making.

5 CEUs are available to Massage Therapists, Dietitians, Nurses & Midwives in the state of Florida through CE Broker for students who successfully complete the course through attendance and submission of assignments. To add CEU credits to your enrollment, click here. An additional $15 educational credit processing fee will apply.

NAME YOUR OWN PRICE TUITION! In order to make sure that everyone has access to the Basics of Herbal Medicine-Making series, we have made it available to everyone regardless of ability to pay. If you are able to pay something for the class, please do. Your donation goes toward making our school available and affordable for everyone. If you are unable to contribute, just enter ‘0’ under ‘Name your own price’. It is that simple.

Suggested price: $25.00

Minimum price: $0.00


You don’t have to spend years studying herbalism to bring healing into your own home. Yes, even you can make amazing herbal remedies for your family in your own kitchen, with ingredients from your garden, kitchen, or even the grocery store!

Making herbal medicines in our home kitchen is empowering, economical, and just plain fun. Whether you’ve been an herbalist for years or are just beginning to study healing plants, join us for a week-long webinar series where you will learn hands-on how to create many of the most widely used herbal medicines. Recipes and handouts are provided to compliment the webinars.

Tuition is whatever you can afford. You will name your own price at checkout, even if that price is zero. CEUs are available for an additional $15 processing fee.

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