Roots Roundtable

Roots Roundtable includes a monthly live class and Q+A session, and a curated selection of videos and e-books designed to support your growth as an herbalist!

Roots Roundtable is an opportunity for those who have graduated from our Roots of Herbalism program to gather with other Roots graduates to build relationships, share knowledge, and enjoy the company of other herbalists.  Open to all graduates of our Roots of Herbalism class, this program meets monthly as an opportunity to learn more about the herbs and to connect with fellow herbal enthusiasts.  Each month, we will have a featured herb, preparation, or health issue we will bring forth in discussion.  In addition to the featured topic, we will also have an open Q&A session to allow you to bring your questions, concerns, and joys to our circle.  It is a great opportunity to connect with former classmates, make new herbal friends, and continue to be supported by our local herbal community.

In addition to a monthly class and Q+A session, Roots Roundtable subscribers will have access to videos, PDFs and e-books exclusively curated to help you build your relationships with herbs, including our full library of Materia Medica videos. Monthly live gatherings held via Zoom are recorded for those who cannot join at the live session time.

Roots Roundtable is a special class for our Roots of Herbalism graduates. It offers a chance to deepen relationship with the plants while cultivating friendships centered around and in support of our personal practice of herbalism.

Tuition is $25 per month $11 per month or $27 for a three-month seasonal subscription.

*Roots Roundtable is designed for Roots of Herbalism graduates and those who are currently or previously enrolled. Please contact if you have done equivocal studies in herbalism outside of our school and would like to participate. If you have enrolled in our current Roots of Herbalism Homestudy Course or this season’s Family Herbalist program, one season of Roots Roundtable classes is included in your package. *

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