Earn Your Continuing Education Units With Herbal Studies

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Most of our classes qualify for Continuing Education Units for licensed Massage Therapists, Nurses, Midwives, Dietitians, and Acupuncturists in the State of Florida through CE Broker. The amount of CEUs available vary from class to class, and are even offered for many of our evergreen on-demand classes! Other state boards may accept our CEU credits; please inquire directly with your state or national board to confirm. CEU hours are processed for an additional $15 fee and are reported directly to CE Broker. See our Frequently Asked Questions below for more information about earning your continuing education units with us through herbal studies.

Upcoming Live Classes with CEUs Available

Whether online or in-person, you can attend any of these classes live and qualify for Continuing Education Units.

Browse our On-Demand Courses with available CEUs

Purchase one of our evergreen on-demand classes and add-on the Continuing Education Units (CEU) fee and earn your CEUs at your own pace!

Frequently Asked Questions about Continuing Education Units

Continuing Education licensing requirements vary by jurisdiction, are often vague, and may change. We recommend you contact your licensing board or accrediting organization for the latest continuing education requirements in your state or territory.

What is a CEU?

A CEU is a continuing education unit given for continuing education. CEU’s are awarded for classroom time or a seminar, self-study programs, and conferences.

When do I need CEU’s?

You need CEU’s each renewal cycle according to your license type.  Please make sure you are eligible for the CEU class offerings prior to registering for the course.  FSHL reports CEU’s after full completion of the course, which may include submission of written assignments after the completion of the lecture session of the class.

Who can receive a CEU’s?

We offer CEU credits for Florida-licensed Massage Therapists, Acupuncturists, Dietitians, Nutritionists, Nurses, and Midwives.  For a full listing of our classes, both on-site and on-line, please visit our CEU Offerings page. Each class description will list whether a class is eligible for a State of Florida CEU credit and the professional license to which it pertains.

All CEU’s earned for FSHL classes are for active State of Florida Boards. If you are an out-of-state practitioner wanting to take one of our CEU class offerings, or a practitioner of another profession hoping to apply our CEU class credits to your license, please contact your state license representative directly before registering to see if they would accept a State of Florida CEU transfer and to understand the process for reporting these credits.

How do I sign-up for CEU’s and what does it cost?

When registering for a class, there will be an option to to add-on CEUs to your registration. CEU registration is an additional $15 processing fee.  Please select this option and provide the occupation and license number on the registration page prior to checking out.  If you encounter a problem with registering for CEU’s, please contact the school.

How will I receive my CEU credits?

If the class does not require additional written assignments, after the class has completed, we will process your CEU by directly reporting your class completion to CE Broker—please allow up to one week for processing. If your class requires additional written assignments, CEU credits are reported to CE Broker once we review your submitted written assignment.

What if I have more than one license?

If a student has more than one license, you will need to pay a processing fee of $15 per license. You can register for the first CEU as a part of your registration. You can purchase additional CEUs by purchasing separate CEUs at an individual link. Contact our office to add extra professions to your CEU enrollment. CEU Broker approves courses for specific professions. If we’ve listed both of your occupations in our course description, you may use the class toward both licenses.

How are CEU’s determined for your classes?

CEU’s are determined based on the number of hours per class. Typically, it’s one (1) CEU for every hour. However, the State of Florida Board, not the Florida School of Holistic Living, determines the number of CEU’s allowed for each class and the occupational licenses that may use them.

How will I know if I have received my CEU’s for the class?

We process CEU’s through CE Broker. One week after class, you can login to your CEBroker.com account and view the CEU’s processed from our school.  If you encounter a problem, please contact us.

Can I receive a certificate of completion of the course and its CEU credits?

Yes. We do not automatically provide certificates of completion to students enrolled in CEU courses, but we are happy to furnish one to you after successful completion of a course upon request. Simply contact us and provide the date of your class completion, your name, your license number, and your class registration information.

If you have any questions, Contact Us and we’re happy to help!

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