Christina Lynch

Community Graduate – Christina Lynch

My journey with FSHL began in 2016, when I began attending classes with the North Florida branch with Phoenix. The calmness and content that I felt instantly told me that I was where I needed to be. Over the past four years, I continued to grow my knowledge and seek my own healing within herbalism. At the beginning of the pandemic, when everything ceased for what now seems like a brief moment, I was able to see my growth and realign my focus to continue on my journey of healing and happiness. This led to two events: the beginning of The Ginger Tea Company and the formal premier of Herbalists Without Borders chapter in the Big Bend area. 

I applied for an EIN for The Ginger Tea Company in July 2019. Speaking on my intuition, I envisioned that the time to branch out was coming, but I didn’t know when. From the spring of 2020 to date, I’ve worked tirelessly to bring that vision to life. My goal has been to offer herbal remedies that are palatable to most audiences, use accessible herbs to lessen the intimidation of herbalism to those curious, and establish new relationships to encourage growth and community. Understanding that this path is to benefit those around me, I continuously listen and give back to the best of my ability. I’m beginning to host or co-host classes through The Ginger Tea Company, to bring simplicity to being healthier and utilizing herbs. To date, my greatest impact has been at the farmers’ markets, when I have the privilege of sharing my products and explaining how small steps, such as drinking tea, can have a great impact. 

My efforts with Herbalists Without Borders really began when approached by my friend, Rebecca, in the Fall of 2019 who was seeking allies to begin the chapter. For months we planned quietly, brainstorming how we can begin and where to start. We diligently try to make relationships with fellow herbalists and community organizations to see how we can align and provide education, herbal preparations and volunteer opportunities. Within the last three months, we have been able to teach 5 community classes at a local farmers market, complete one herbal drive, host two webinars with community partners and are currently wrapping up our Winter Wellness kits to distribute to a local nonprofit. We’ve had a solid beginning with a small, but strong following, with no intentions of slowing down in the near future. 

What I’ve realized is that even though the demand for both The Ginger Tea Company and Herbalists Without Borders of the Big Bend exists in this area, there are so many beautiful souls in this area already. What is needed is opportunities to continue to connect, organize and increase our impact to more people to share the diversity of the people, skill sets and lifestyles. There is no one way to do everything, and as I continue to meet others, my goal is that we can unite to grow together both spiritually and mentally. 

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